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  • How Do You Maintain a Swim Spa?

    Swim spas provide an alternative for those who don’t have enough space for a full-sized swimming pool or lap pool.  But just because you’re dealing with a smaller volume of water doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get out of regular maintenance duties.  Keeping the water clean and fresh is a necessary part of any […]

  • Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

    When you live in a northern climate, a full sized outdoor swimming pool might seem like a waste of time and money.  When at least half of your year experiences freezing weather, peering out at a swimming pool in your backyard might just drive you a little crazy.  But is there an outdoor swimming option […]

  • Can a Swim Spa Be Put in a Basement?

    Swim spas are a convenient alternative for those who might not have enough space for a full sized swimming pool.  When it comes to indoor swimming, the chances that you have the room for a full sized swimming pool are even lower.  But can you put a swim spa in a basement?  With the right […]

  • Can You Lose Belly Fat by Swimming?

    Rising obesity levels have made more people aware of the need to reduce their weight.  The corresponding increase in diabetes cases throughout the population has focused on the need to target belly fat.  Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, has been shown to be more dangerous than fat that accumulates in other parts of […]

  • Are Swim Spas Good for Exercise?

    When it comes to keeping fit, exercising in the water is a great way to increase mobility, reduce the chances of injury, and keep one focused on your workout goals.  Are swim spas good for exercise? Absolutely! Swim spas can allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises than you might have thought possible. […]

  • Can You Get COVID-19 From Swimming Pool Water?

    There’s no doubt that the current pandemic has irrevocably changed our lives. Things that we once considered commonplace are now thought of as risky and may even be forbidden. Going to a gym, going out for dinner, or taking an international vacation are now thought of in a completely different way. But what about your […]

  • Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

    In a game of word association, the phrase “hot tub and swim spa” will immediately conjure up the response of “party” by the majority of players.  And why wouldn’t it?  Hot tubs and swim spas become the focal point of any backyard and you’ll find that your family and friends naturally gather around them.  But […]

  • Making Your Backyard Your Private Resort

    Whether it’s due to social restrictions or your own personal preference, making your backyard your private resort can be a luxury dream in the making.  Just imagine, instead of having to find the resort, pay the money and wait for some far off future date, you can simply open your back door and arrive in […]

  • The Perfect Year Round Pool in Your Backyard

    A common excuse used by Canadians when asked why they don’t install a swimming pool in their backyard is the fact that we spend half the year or more in sub-zero weather.  For many it’s hard to justify the cost and effort required by an outdoor swimming pool when it can only be used for […]

  • How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

    Swimming pools are a great place for exercise. Not only does water resistance make what are ordinary motions on land a lot more strenuous underwater, but the buoyancy that it provides can help with balance and reduce the amount of impact that occurs on the joints and bones. For this reason, many people who suffer […]