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  • Finding the Best Spa for You

    Many factors play a role in deciding the best swim spas and it is ultimately dependent on what each person classifies as most important. Considering factors like how big you want your spa to be, who will benefit from its features, and what you can afford, are all things to keep in mind. Hydropool offers three

  • How Often Should I Drain My Swim Spa?

    Swim spa plumbing is a closed system. Once you fill the swim spa with water, that water is simply recirculated. The swim spa isn’t directly connected to your household water source, so the only way that freshwater is added is manually. Over time, the swim spa water will become increasingly dirty – even with the

  • How to Install an Inground Swim Spa

    There are many reasons to opt for an inground swim spa. For some people, it’s about ease of access. Submerging most of the swim spa tank into the ground makes getting in and out easier. You no longer have to worry about climbing a four foot wall to get to the water. For others, an

  • What Chemicals Do You Put in a Swim Spa?

    When it comes to health and longevity, the idea of chemical use may seem to be counterproductive. More of us are trying to reduce our dependence on chemicals in our day-to-day lives. However, when it comes to something like a swim spa, chemicals are absolutely necessary to keep the water clean and safe. Without chemical

  • How To Clear Up Cloudy Water in a Swim Spa

    When you’re swimming you just want to enjoy the process – moving your arms, kicking your feet, powering yourself through the water. What you don’t need is to be wondering if the water is clean and safe. When your swim spa water appears cloudy, it’s probably not a reason to begin worrying about it harming

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  • How Many Gallons in a Swim Spa?

    For those who truly love swimming, public swimming pools can start feeling like they’re more hassle than they’re worth.  You have to pay every time you want to go for a swim and you’re limited as to when you’re able to use it.  Having a swimming pool on your own property may be incredibly more