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  • How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

    Swimming pools are a great place for exercise. Not only does water resistance make what are ordinary motions on land a lot more strenuous underwater, but the buoyancy that it provides can help with balance and reduce the amount of impact that occurs on the joints and bones. For this reason, many people who suffer […]

  • How an Exercise Pool Pump Works?

    Swim spa exercise pools have become much more popular over the years as property prices have risen and the extra space needed for a full-sized swimming pool comes at a premium. Not only do swim spas take up much less space in your home or backyard, they allow you to enjoy the benefits of a […]

  • Is Pool Exercise Good for Arthritis?

    Those who suffer from arthritis will often hear that exercise is one of the best ways to improve their condition without relying on surgery or physiotherapy. Exercise is something that can be self-directed and doesn’t require constant medical supervision. That said, because arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, many dry land exercises create […]

  • How to Use a Pool Year Round

    For those of us who live in areas that get cold winters (isn’t that all of us?) the idea of outdoor swimming all year round isn’t really an option. Or is it? We’re all familiar with those who like to soak in their hot tub in the depths of winter, but is it possible to […]

  • How Exercise Pools Work?

    If you’re an avid swimmer you’ve probably often dreamed of owning your own swimming pool. But maybe you don’t have enough space, or possibly the cost is just a little overwhelming. You may have also been tempted by a hot tub, but don’t like the fact that they can be so tiny and don’t give […]

  • What Pool Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

    For those who have access to a swim spa and are looking to lose weight, trying to figure out the most effective exercises can be a bit of a trial and error game. It’s well known that swimming and other underwater exercises are great for those with joint problems and balance issues. An added bonus […]

  • How Is a Swim Spa Heated?

    If you’re in the market for some home-based aquatic activities, you should know that your choices aren’t limited to swimming pools and hot tubs. You should look into swim spas as well. To allow you to learn more about these unique water tanks we’ve come up with an article to describe what swim spas are, […]

  • What is a Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool?

    When it comes to backyard aquatic exercise and relaxation, swimming pools and hot tubs are probably the most popular categories. Swimming pools are great for exercise, competitive sports and simply goofing off in the water. Hot tubs, on the other hand, seem more in tune with relaxing, soaking sore bones and muscles and releasing build-ups […]

  • Why is Pool Exercise Preferred to Exercising in a Gym?

    Everyone has their favourite type of workout. For some it’s tying on the skates and hitting the ice, others prefer to go to the gym and pump iron. Still, others would rather lay down a yoga mat and stretch out their body. However, all these workout methods require you to carry the full weight of […]

  • How are Swim Spas Heated?

    Swim spas can solve many problems all at once.  For those who like to swim laps, but don’t have enough room for a lap pool or full-sized swimming pool, the current generated by the swim spa allows you to get in a workout without the need for a lot of space.  If you also like […]