Challenge Yourself During Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmills are ideal for times when you want to get a run or walk in without going outside. But there are differences between a treadmill workout and an outdoor workout, one of which is that a treadmill workout can be easier.

Below, you’ll learn how to challenge yourself to burn more calories, build strength, and improve your speed by using your treadmill to its maximum potential.

Burn More Calories

When you want to burn calories, interval training is the way to go. It’s great to do long runs or walks during training, but if you’re doing shorter workouts you can increase the intensity by adding speed intervals to your workout. Run or walk for a few minutes at a moderate pace and then for one minute at a faster pace or a sprint. This will improve your endurance while helping you burn more calories.

Another idea is to begin at a brisk walk pace of around four miles per hour. Every two to five minutes, increase your speed until you’re running at a pace between five and eight miles per hour. You can also run or walk for longer periods of time. If you run for 45 minutes, you’ll burn 405 calories compared to the 270 you burn running for 30 minutes.

Build Muscle Strength

It’s easier to forget that strong muscles are essential to being a good runner and there are a variety of ways your treadmill can help you build this strength. One way to do this is by raising the incline to build muscles in your thighs, calves, and glutes. You can also incorporate walking lunges into your routine. Reduce the speed and take wide, lunging steps to build muscle in your glutes and legs. Finally, don’t hold on to the handles. Let go and pump your arms to tone your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and core.

Improve Your Speed

To improve your running or walking speed, you’ll need to practice moving faster on your treadmill by doing what is called tempo work. A simple way to do this is to warm up and then set your running or walking pace faster than usual.

You can also do what are called negative splits, where you increase your pace during the second half of your run or walk so you’re going faster than you were in the first half. This will help you build endurance and improve your speed. As you get better at this, your race times will improve.

A third method for improving your speed is to do incline intervals where you increase the incline every few minutes to simulate the experience of running uphill. This will help help your body stay in shape running or walking outside.

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