Choosing the Right Exercise Machine for You

If you’re thinking about investing in an exercise machine, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Depending on your needs and fitness goals, you have a variety of choices.

Below you’ll find out how to choose the right exercise machine and take your fitness to the next level.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers have been found to provide cardiovascular benefits that are identical to the benefits of treadmill running. If you need a cardio workout that is easy on your joints, an elliptical is a smart choice. If you’re a runner, it can help you stay in shape for race day without hurting your knees, hips, and ankles.

To get the most out of an elliptical training session, use your upper body as well as your lower body. Hold on to the handles and use a pushing and pulling motion, or even better, lose the handles and pump your arms like you’re running. If you run competitively, this will improve your balance substantially and help you on race day. Another good tip for making the most out of an elliptical workout is to alternate between a high resistance and a quick stride every two minutes for 20 minutes. This will help you work out at a higher intensity for a longer time period.

Rowing Machine

If you want a cardio machine that provides the best possible total body workout, choose a rowing machine. They provide equal training for your upper and lower body, which maximizes your cardiovascular fitness and gets you in incredible shape.

It’s important to have good form when using a rowing machine, which means keeping your back in a natural position throughout the range of motion. As you move backward, extend your legs into a position where your knees are nearly fully straight. Then, squeeze your shoulder blades toward each other while pulling the handle into your sternum.

Stationary Bike

If you’re looking for a form of exercise that will improve both your physical and mental health, look into stationary bikes. University of Northern Arizona researchers showed that spending just 10 minutes on a stationary bike resulted in less fatigue, more energy, and a more positive mood. If you’re overweight and looking for the right piece of equipment to begin your fitness journey, a stationary bike is also ideal because it won’t impact your joints and is less likely to cause injury than running or even walking.

For the best experience, stand up every 5 minutes or so and pedal like you’re climbing a hill for one minute. This will prevent the buildup of lower back pressure and work out different muscles. It will also keep your workout fresh and help you fully challenge yourself.


To maximize the number of calories you burn, a treadmill is the right choice. In fact, running on a treadmill burns the highest rate of calories of any exercise machine. If you have joint problems, running on a treadmill isn’t a good idea but walking is a healthy choice.

If you’re an outdoor runner, there are a few adjustments you should make to simulate running outdoors. First, increase the incline to 1 percent before you begin. This elevation is the level that most simulates running outside.

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