What Elliptical Machine Should I Buy?

If you’ve decided to take the leap and buy an elliptical machine, you may be struggling with the decision of which one to buy. There are countless quality elliptical machines on the market which can be overwhelming, but the good news is that your choice of elliptical depends largely on your desires and preferences.

Below you’ll find out more about how to choose the right elliptical machine for you.


The first consideration you should make before you run out to buy an elliptical machine is how much you can afford to spend. There are several tiers of machines, from basic to elite, all of which have very different prices. How much is an elliptical trainer? They can range from $500 and up into the thousands. Elliptical machines over and under 500 dollars will have big differences in their features.

If you know you only need basic features, you can choose a less costly elliptical that has fewer features for around $500. Just make sure it is sturdy and durable so you are safe.

If your fitness goals are more serious, you may want to look into a higher-end model with programs, heart rate monitoring, and more console features, which can range from $1500 and up.

The point is to know exactly what you need and stick to it so you avoid overspending on features you don’t want. On the flipside, you want to avoid underspending and sacrificing the features you truly need to feel good about your investment.

Machine Design

While some ellipticals are compact and foldable, others are larger and cannot be collapsed. If you’re short on space, consider a compact design you can easily fold up and store. If you have plenty of space, you can choose a heavier machine. Often these are of higher quality.

Brakes and Resistance

Before purchasing any elliptical machine, you should investigate the brakes and flywheel. These are great indications of how durable and reliable your elliptical will be, as well as how loud it will be while you’re using it. Ideally, choose an eddy current brake system with magnetic resistance. This will allow you to brake smoothly and provide you with the resistance you need. Also notice the flywheel weight. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the elliptical workout will be. The most elite ellipticals have flywheels that weight at least 17 pounds. More standard levels will have 15 pound flywheels.

If you want to challenge yourself, choose an elliptical with an adjustable incline, different programs you can use to give you different kinds of workouts, and heart rate, calorie, and
distance monitors.

Console Features

The console features you need will depend on your workout needs. If you like entertainment, choose an elliptical with Apple or Android compatibility, the ability to connect to the internet, and speakers. Elite trainers will have these features, as will some standard ellipticals. If you want a higher level of entertainment options, choosing a more elite trainer is a good idea. Also make sure the elliptical has the basics if they are important to you: cup holders, reading racks, accessory trays, and fans may be important to you and some models won’t have them.

With these criteria in mind, you’re sure to make the best choice of elliptical for your needs. Now that you know more about what to look for in an elliptical trainer, download our monthly promotion and see how much you can save on fitness equipment.

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