Exercise Bikes: Tips for Beginners

Exercise bikes have been around for a long time, and although today’s versions offer more high-tech features than their predecessors, the basic concept is the same: to recreate the experience of riding a bike outdoors.

If you’re considering investing in an exercise bike, below you’ll learn tips for beginners to help keep you safe in the saddle as you move toward your fitness goals.

The Ideal Choice for Beginners

Not only is riding an exercise bike enjoyable, but it’s easy enough that a beginner can start using it for exercise without having experience or being in shape. It’s also ideal for people with joint problems, back problems, or knee issues as riding a stationary bike provides a lower impact than running, walking, and many other forms of exercise.

Exercise bikes also come in a range of prices, so it’s likely you’ll find one for your budget, which can also help you save money over investing in a gym membership.

Stationary Bike Workout Tips

Starting out with a motivating playlist can help you get pumped up for your workout and get through it with energy. Create a playlist on your phone or music player before you start.

On your first day, begin by using your stationary bike for 10 minutes with no resistance. If this seems too difficult, start with two or three minutes and slowly build up as you get used to exercising each day. If this seems too easy, gradually increase your time and resistance level until you’ve worked up a sweat and feel like you’re challenging yourself. One mistake beginners often make is to keep the resistance at zero and pedal as quickly as possible, thinking that faster is better. In reality, using resistance will help you build muscle, burn calories, and
improve endurance.

If at any point you feel weak, out of breath, or like you’re pushing yourself too hard, slow down or stop. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, discussing your exercise plan with your doctor is a good idea as they can offer you safety tips and recommend strategies for safely getting started.

What to Consider Before Buying a Bike

Before you invest in a stationary bike, you’ll want to do some research. There are many available options, which can be overwhelming if you don’t have much knowledge about differences between bikes.

For one, you’ll want to think about whether you want an upright or recumbent bike. A recumbent bike allows you to pedal while reclined in a seat that fully supports your back. An upright bike is more similar to a regular bicycle and does not offer as much back support. If you have back issues, a recumbent bike is ideal.

Also think about whether you want a manual bike or an electronic one. Keep in mind that electronic bikes allow you to use built-in programs that can challenge you to improve your fitness level while keeping you motivated.

Considering the features that are important to you is also a good idea. Displays that track your calories, speed, distance, and heart rate can keep you on track with your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. Water bottle holders in a convenient position will make sure you stay hydrated during your workout. Finally, the ability to connect to online programs that will challenge you in new ways may also help you keep your workout fresh.

Finally, consider your budget. Do some research about the most high-quality bikes in a variety of price ranges and compare the pricing to your list of desired features. Read online consumer reviews and learn about warranties offered by different companies.

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