Get More Out of Your Treadmill Workout

Whether you have a treadmill because you can’t run outside or just prefer running indoors, it’s a great workout option. But it’s important to challenge yourself so you can maximize your workout results.

Below, you’ll learn how to get more out of your current treadmill workout to improve your fitness, build muscle, and more.

Prepare for Your Run

While it may seem like running indoors should take little preparation, preparing can truly enhance your workout. Clothing is one way to do this. Wear a fitted moisture wicking t-shirt and good quality running shorts. Make sure your shoes are clean to keep your treadmill in great shape.

Having the right gear on hand will also improve your workout. Make sure your water bottle is easy to use with one hand and can keep the water as cold as possible. Having a hand towel handy will also help you stay comfortable and keep sweat out of your eyes. A quality set of earphones and a music source that can supply a motivating playlist can also help you challenge yourself.

Do a Proper Warmup

Instead of hopping on the treadmill and running at top pace, take the time to warm up and help your body safely acclimate to exercise. Try this warmup: walk for three minutes, jog for three minutes, and then do three sets where you run fast for 20 seconds and then recover at a slower pace for 40 seconds.

Focus On Your Cadence

There are two ways to improve your speed: by taking longer strides or taking more strides of the same length. Strive for a cadence of around 180 foot strikes per minute, or 90 strokes for one foot. Also try to find the best foot placement by noticing how much noise your feet make when they strike the treadmill. When your landing is quietest, you’ve reached your ideal foot placement. To improve your cadence, count how frequently one foot hits the floor for 15 seconds and multiply this number by four. This is your current cadence. As you run, try to increase your cadence by around two steps each week.

Incorporate Incline

While a treadmill may seem flat, it’s actually equivalent to running on a slight decline on the road. By setting your incline at 1% for all of your runs, you’ll adjust for this. While many people increase their speed as they improve on the treadmill, these increases won’t translate when you run outdoors. A better way to challenge yourself is to increase the incline, or to alternate incline and speed increases as you improve.

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