Gyms May be Reopening, But I Won’t Rushing Back any Time Soon

With the Coronavirus lockdown affecting almost every aspect of our lives, regular gym goers are just one small segment of the population that has seen the need for reassessment of their pre-pandemic routine. It can be seen in the increase in the number of joggers and cyclists on the road, in the expansion of the online fitness program community and the clamour for public gyms to reopen despite the potential dangers. But maybe you’re one of those thinking, “gyms may be reopening but I won’t be rushing back any time soon.” And it would be hard to blame you. Fear of infection notwithstanding, we may have found that the gym membership isn’t actually necessary. What have we learned from months of exercising without going to the gym?

Gyms Are Inconvenient

You may spend an hour working out at the local gym, but you’ll probably spend at least that amount of time getting yourself in and out of those doors. Packing up your gym clothes, driving, biking or walking there, dealing with parking, signing in, getting dressed and then doing all the same in reverse takes time – and motivation. And during that time you’ll hear a million excuses running through your head as to why you don’t want to be going to the gym. Once we started doing workouts at home, the process of going to the gym no longer played a role. The gym was right there in our homes. It was instantly accessible and readily convenient. Thinking about working out? Well, get right to it. No time for excuses to form.

Working Out At Home Is Comforting

For those who have always worked out at a public gym, starting off at home probably felt a little weird. But over time, it can become as natural as cooking dinner or washing the dishes. Online exercise programs have been a great assistance by offering routines that can be done anywhere with little or no special gear. All that’s needed is a bit of space and an online connection. And when you can use your own shower after the workout, you begin to realize how comforting a home based exercise regime can really be. There’s no gym-based cliquishness, uncomfortable glances or other people’s sweat to wipe down. Just a space that’s homey, reassuring and ultimately convenient.

The Future of Fitness

It may not have been a simple conversion for everybody, but most personal fitness coaches and trainers have had to make the transition to online teaching. And because of it, the future of fitness will likely never be the same. Although there are many fitness enthusiasts who depend on in-person interaction and camaraderie, the lockdown has made it evident for anyone who’s tried, that getting in your workout at home is definitely a possibility. And even though things are beginning to open up, traditional gyms may never see the numbers that they enjoyed over the last several decades.

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