What Home Gym Equipment is best for Losing Weight?

Owning your own home gym equipment makes it easy and convenient to stick to a workout routine that will help you lose weight and get in shape. Gym memberships can be expensive, have inconvenient hours not to mention large crowds and long lineups to use equipment during peak times. Below, we will discuss what home gym equipment is best for losing weight so that you can design a workout program that suits your needs and goals.


Treadmills are found in almost every gym and for good reason. Their versatility will accommodate every fitness level and are very beneficial for those seeking to lose weight. Running is an excellent cardiovascular workout which raises your heartbeat and sheds calories. The intensity of exercising on a treadmill can be adjusted by varying the speed and incline levels to reach higher energy expenditure and aerobic difficulty.

It is important to know that in order to boost your body’s ability to burn calories on a treadmill that you need to bear the weight of your body load. This means not holding onto the side railings to make the workout easier. The side handles should only be used to stabilize yourself while adjusting the settings on the treadmill or if you suffer from balance issues. Most treadmills are equipped with a heart rate monitor which is helpful for determining if you are exercising at the proper intensity level to maximize weight loss.


For those seeking home exercise equipment for losing weight but suffer from knee, back or hip issues, an elliptical is an excellent choice. The machine provides a challenging aerobic workout while being low impact on your body’s joints. Many elliptical machines also feature a reverse pedal mode to target different muscles and the poles also workout your arms and shoulders.

Rowing Machine

Although rowing machines may be a little complicated for a complete beginner, these machines provide a true full body workout and are great for burning calories. Rowing machines will work your core muscles, legs, arms, shoulders and chest while getting your heart rate pumping. The intensity of the workout can be modified with the resistance levels and as users become more fit they can also increase the duration. Rowing machines are favoured by many home gym owners as many models are virtually silent, ergonomically designed and comfortable to use.

Exercise Bike

Stationary bicycles rank amongst one of the best calories burners when used correctly and can easily burn over 500 calories in an hour. The resistance levels can be changed to increase the intensity of your workout and many consoles have built-in weight loss programs. There are two different styles of exercise bicycles:

Recumbent – The rider is seated back against a backrest with their legs positioned in front of them.

Upright – The rider is in an upright position similar to riding a traditional outdoor bicycle.


It is also important to include strength training as part of your overall weight loss program. Building muscle helps your body burn more calories as well as boost your metabolic rate. There are a number of different strength training pieces that you can add to your home gym as such:

● Dumbbells
● KettleBells
● Weight bench
● Pull up bar

Before deciding which pieces of gym equipment to purchase, make sure that you try the different types to ensure that you choose one that you will be comfortable with. Not only that, but you want home gym equipment that can adapt to your fitness level and continue to provide a challenging workout as your fitness level progresses.

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