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How Much Does A Home Sauna Cost To Run?

For those looking to add a sauna to their home, the most common reasons relate to relaxation, soothing of sore muscles, detoxification, improved circulation and stress relief.  These are all legitimate reasons for installing a sauna. Looking at the list of benefits may have you wondering why everybody doesn’t have one in their home.  One of the main reasons cited by naysayers is the cost of running one.

As heating bills rise and environmental factors become more of a concern, this point may be taken quite seriously by those who would otherwise truly enjoy the benefits of an in-home sauna.  And although energy use should be an important factor to consider in any domestic installation, how much does a home sauna cost to run? 

For a small, traditional sauna that seats two or three people or has enough room for one person to lie down, a typical sauna size is five feet by seven feet.  A sauna of this size can run on a 4.5 kilowatt heater.  With the price of energy in Ontario varying from 9 to 18 cents per kilowatt hour depending on the time of day, for a sauna to run continuously for one hour, the price works out to a range of about 40 cents to 80 cents an hour.  The longer the heater runs, the lower the price will gets as it takes less energy to maintain a certain level of heat. 

As can be seen, this will hardly break the bank. You can spend far more money by going to the movies, taking the car out for a drive or booking an hour in the local gym.  The savings become even more apparent if you opt for an infrared sauna which is typically smaller than a traditional sauna and uses a smaller heating system.  With an infrared sauna you can find your costs dropping lower than 25 cents per hour.  It should also be remembered that very rarely will you find yourself spending a full hour in any kind of sauna – traditional or infrared.

Sauna Maintenance Facts

Some people feel that saunas will require too much maintenance.  However, the fact is that indoor saunas are quite low maintenance operations.  Sauna interiors do not need any type of treatments such as varnishing or painting.  A simple sweeping or vacuuming every once in awhile is sufficient.  If the wood becomes stained it can be lightly scrubbed with a baking soda and water solution or sanded down with a fine grit sandpaper if necessary. 

So when asking the question of how much does a home sauna cost to run, it’s quite apparent that it doesn’t cost a whole lot!.  It might be compared to any other household appliance such as a dishwasher or clothes dryer when it comes to expense.  The physical benefits of a sauna easily outweigh any worry about energy usage and cost.  And by opting for the more modern infrared saunas, there’s no way that price could be considered a negative factor when compared with the benefits of using one.

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