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How to Clean Home Sauna

For individuals that have a sauna in their home, they know how fantastic it is to have one at their disposal. With the use of steam, they can purify their body and release the toxins dwelling in their body through sweat.

The advantage to having one in the home is that it is very accessible. This level of convenience enables persons with their sauna, the ability to enjoy the experience of steaming in a sauna at any time. However, although sitting in a sauna has its benefits a clean sauna offers more advantages.

Keeping your sauna clean is very critical. If it is not maintained correctly, your experience in your sauna will be unpleasant.

Cleaning Your Sauna After Each Use

To maintain the usability of your sauna, it must be cleaned quite often. Getting into the habit of washing down your sauna after every use is a great habit to adopt. Cleaning habitually will help to eliminate any growth of bacteria and unwanted mold in your sauna.

Saunas do not require significant cleaning, but it is great to keep this space as hygienic and clean as possible. This is especially needed if it is used consistently and frequently by many people. Dead skin cells and other elements can make this space unfit.

Scrub Benches and Eliminate Stains

Cleaning a sauna can be very simple. Typically, the heat generated kills any bacteria, but it is always good to perform manual cleaning. Lightly scrubbing the benches and surrounding areas with water and a brush for 30 seconds, and then rinsing it with water is beneficial. If there are any stains, it is okay to use a bit of detergent to eliminate its presence. Once complete, be sure to rinse the area again with water.

Vacuum and Disinfect

Sweeping or vacuuming any unwanted dirt, hair and other elements are critical. Be sure to do this on an ongoing basis to eliminate any unnecessary dirt or grime. Also, disinfecting drains and other similar areas are essential. Use the right bacteria fighting solutions or disinfectants to kill and mold and mildew.

Performing Routine Cleaning

When performing routine cleaning on your sauna, be sure to use mild cleaners such as soaps. Anything harsher than this can damage your sauna. Use soap and a hose to rinse it down and keep it clean. If mold is detected, you can use a specified sauna cleaner to get rid of it. If this is unavailable bleach is a great alternative.


To keep your sauna in its best working condition, consider performing maintenance on it regularly. Ensure everything is in proper working order. If anything is amiss, consider tending to it right away. Ensure all screws are correctly nailed down and in place.

Be sure to sand down the benches in your sauna as well. Doing this yearly will keep it smooth and assist in eliminating any impurities. The last thing anyone needs are splinters, and rough areas to sit on. Keeping this area smooth will improve the experience in your sauna. Also, it will ensure that this space is in the right condition for continued use. With continued maintenance, the lifespan of your sauna will be extended.


Like anything else, proper hygiene is essential. It keeps germs away and prevents the development of ailments. Maintaining the sanitation of your sauna will improve how you enjoy your sauna and ensure that it always ready for a clean and proper steam.

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