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How To Make A Hot Tub Surround

While there’s no doubt that a hot tub will bring you countless hours of comfort and joy, putting in some effort to properly integrate it into your backyard can transform the hot tub into a beautiful focal point. One way of doing this is by creating a hot tub surround to frame it in a visually exciting way. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make a hot tub surround a beautiful part of your backyard, check out this list.


One of the most popular and practical hot tub surrounds is the deck. Not only does it hide most of the hot tub cabinet, it provides an easy way to access the water. While most decks are made of wood or wood-like material, nowadays there’s such a wide range of colours and textures available that the final look can be customized to fit almost any type of environment. A deck is a perfect way to create a stable surface that’s both stylish and practical.


A patio can act as a solid base for the hot tub to sit on while also adding to the overall beauty of the backyard. With the materials available today, patios can be as ornate as the imagination allows. At the same time, they also provide a functional area for seating, cooking and socializing. A well-designed patio can act as both a hot tub base and an aesthetically pleasing backyard feature.


Massively gaining in popularity over the past number of years, pergolas are designed to provide some respite from the sun while still allowing for freely circulating air. Using a pergola as part of a hot tub surround can increase privacy, protect bathers from the elements and add to the beauty of the entire area. The pergola’s frame can also be used to hang accessories such as plants, loudspeakers or decorations. Pergolas are available in many different types of materials which can be matched to the hot tub and its surroundings.

Privacy Screens

When you’re hoping to relax in your hot tub you don’t want to feel as if the entire neighbourhood is staring at your swimsuit. Lack of privacy is one of the biggest reasons some hot tubs don’t get used as much as they should. That said, privacy screens don’t need to be purely functional. They can be quite stylish as well. You can fashion a privacy screen out of almost any material that appeals to you. Plants, curtains and wooden lattice work are just some of the currently trending materials used to create a privacy screen as part of a hot tub surround.

Swim Up Bars

Our social media-driven culture has seen many of the luxury amenities that were once associated with vacation resorts and high-end hotels being replicated in our homes. Swim up bars were at one time something that you only found at an all-inclusive hotel. Nowadays it’s not so uncommon to see one in a backyard as well. Using a swim up bar as a hot tub surround is both practical and chic. It gives bathers a place to rest their drinks while those who are cooling off have a place to sit. And what would look better on your Instagram account than a selfie from your personal swim up bar?

Hot Tub Access

If your hot tub isn’t sunken into the ground or surrounded by a deck, getting into it likely requires going up a set of stairs. And while a stairway may be a purely functional accessory, with some design expertise it can be something that completely transforms your backyard. Designing the hot tub access area to act as a hot tub surround and a backyard focal point can change a mundane set of stairs into a grand entryway to an aquatic adventure.

With these ideas of how to build a hot tub surround, get some more information by downloading a free hot tub buyer’s guide.

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