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How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

One of the most cited reasons for the reticence of buying a hot tub is the perceived cost of operation. And while hot tubs will increase your electricity bill, they don’t necessarily have to be energy hogs. By following some basic guidelines you can cut back on the amount of energy your hot tub uses. Run properly, a hot tub’s energy use can be comparable to some of the other larger appliances in your home. To learn how to run a hot tub economically, follow these tips.

Pay Attention To Insulation

You shouldn’t only pay attention to the insulation in your home, you should know how much insulation you have in your hot tub as well. This is especially true if you’re using your hot tub throughout the winter. There are several different places on a hot tub where extra insulation can pay off in reduced energy use. A lot of the water’s heat is lost while it’s being transported through the hot tub’s piping. Look for a hot tub with insulated plumbing for the most economical results. Because the floor of the hot tub is in close contact with the ground, this is another place where a significant amount of heat is lost. Check that your hot tub of choice has a properly insulated floor. Some hot tub manufacturers have also figured out how to reuse waste heat generated by the hot tub heater and water pump. Look for a well-insulated cabinet to take advantage of this wasted heat and redirect it towards the water.

Use A Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover has three main functions: keeping contaminants out of the water, limiting water evaporation and helping retain water heat. By helping keep dirt out and reducing evaporation, a hot tub cover helps maintain a balanced water chemistry. This reduces the need for adding extra chemicals. By limiting the amount of heat that escapes from the water’s surface, the cover reduces dependence on the water heater. All of these things help contribute to operating a more economical hot tub.

Use A Thermal Blanket

Although not a replacement for a hot tub cover, a floating thermal blanket can significantly increase the amount of heat retained by the water. Used in conjunction with a hot tub cover, a thermal blanket can vastly reduce water evaporation and heat loss. It will also help prevent the hot tub cover from becoming saturated with water due to excessive humidity.

Maintain The Water Filters

When water filters become clogged they can put excessive strain on the water pump. Not only will this increase your electrical usage, but it also adds to the degradation of the pump. In extreme cases, it could lead to the pump’s failure. Depending on how much your hot tub is getting used, the water filters should be hosed down every two to four weeks. They should also undergo a deep cleaning every three or four months. Deep cleaning is achieved by soaking them in a cleaning solution to remove the buildup of grease and oils. Water filters should be regularly inspected for damage and replaced on an annual basis.

Turn Down The Temperature

Most hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. But running your hot tub at the top temperature will cost you more money. It turns out that reducing your operating temperature by a single degree can reduce your power consumption by up to 10%. You may find that you don’t need to run your hot tub as hot. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Now that you’ve learned some of the ways that you can run your hot tub economically, learn some more about the joys of hot tub ownership by downloading a free buyer’s guide today.

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