How to Store Weight Plates

Keeping your home gym clean and free of obstructions is necessary for a safe and healthy workout. You don’t want to be tripping over barbells and weight plates when you’re carrying a hefty load. For that reason, there’s a wide range of weight plate storage systems available to the home gym enthusiast. In this article, we’ll go over a number of methods of how to store weight plates.

Weight Plate Trees

Weight plate trees are typically composed of a base attached to a vertical central pole from which horizontal plate holders protrude outward making it look like a metal tree. Weight plates are simply slid on and off of the horizontal plate holders when needed. Weight plate trees will often have a barbell holder that also allows you to store the barbell vertically. Weight plate trees allow for quick weight changes and have a small footprint making them ideal for smaller rooms.

A-Frame Weight Plate Trees

The A-frame plate tree is a compact way to store weight plates while keeping them easily accessible. A metal A-frame sits on the floor and features protruding plate holders which you easily slide the weight plates on and off. These are preferred for their compact size and ability to fit neatly into small spaces such as corners or closets. When all the weight plates are removed it’s quite light and can be easily moved to a different part of the workout room.

Wall Mounted Weight Plate Racks

Wall mounted weight plates racks are preferred for saving floor space and keeping the weight plates away from the feet of the bodybuilder. Ideal for smaller spaces or rooms with a lot of equipment, these racks need to be securely fastened to the wall so as to be able to support the weight of multiple plates. Plates are easily accessible and can be slid onto and off of the holders with ease.

Trolley Racks

Trolley racks sit on the floor and resemble a bicycle rack. Weight plates sit vertically in their respective slots making them easily visible and accessible to the bodybuilder. Trolley racks are fitted with wheels and a handle to allow them to be pulled around the room with ease even while fully loaded. This makes them ideal for larger rooms or for weight plate sets that need to be moved often.

Weight Plate Stacker Trolley

The simplest weight plate stacker trolleys are typically composed of a vertical weight plate holding bar attached to a base with wheels. This allows weight plates to be slid onto the holding bar and stacked on top of one another. The wheels make the entire set of weight plates very easy to move. However, changing plates can be a bit problematic if you need the weight plates at the bottom of the stack. You’ll need to remove all the other weight plates that are on top beforehand.

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