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How to Use an Infrared Sauna at Home?

Although most people have probably used a traditional sauna before, infrared saunas are relative newcomers on the scene.  Although quite similar to a traditional sauna, there are some major differences when it comes to the infrared variety.  To ensure first timers understand what they’re getting into, we’ve come up with an article explaining how to use an infrared sauna at home.

Heat Up the Sauna

For an infrared sauna, you’ll want to start it up at least 15 minutes before you’re ready to use it.  They’ll typically warm up much faster than a traditional sauna.  One of the main differences between traditional and infrared saunas are the temperatures at which they’re normally used.  Traditional saunas run much hotter than infrared saunas.  The temperature range of a traditional sauna is around 85 to 100 C (185 to 200 F) whereas an infrared sauna will run around 40 to 65 C (100 to 150 F.)  The reason for this is that infrared rays actually penetrate the body which causes sweating at much lower temperatures.  If you’ve never used an infrared sauna before it’s best to start at the lower end of the temperature range and move up as you feel comfortable.

Hydrate Yourself

Drinking water or a sports drink before you enter the sauna is always a good idea.  Your sweating will cause dehydration so hydrating yourself beforehand will reduce the chances of headaches or lightheadedness.  You might also consider bringing your drink with you into the sauna.  Alcohol is not recommended before spending time in a sauna.  It’s also best to wait an hour or two after eating before using an infrared sauna so that your blood isn’t being diverted to your stomach.

Have A Seat, Enjoy the Heat

Lay down a towel and have a seat in the sauna.  For those who are accustomed to infrared saunas, they may spend from 25 to 45 minutes inside before taking a break.  However, if you’re unfamiliar with the infrared sauna, limit your stays to less than half hour until you get used to the effects.  If you begin to feel faint or uncomfortable, leave the sauna immediately.

What to Wear

Although infrared rays will penetrate through clothing, being naked in the sauna is best if you feel comfortable with it.  If you’d rather wear clothes, a bathing suit made of natural materials or light shorts and a cotton T-shirt is also all right.  Removing metal jewellery is a good idea to prevent burning yourself.  In countries with a long history of saunas, a felt hat is worn.  This is because your body heats up much faster when your head is unprotected.  However, with the lower temperatures of the infrared sauna, this is not so much of an issue.

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