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Is a Home Sauna Worth It?

When asking the question, “Is a home sauna worth it?” you also have to ask yourself what your motivations for installing a sauna would be and how much you would use it.  Although nowhere near as expensive as something like a brand-new car, a sauna is quite a large investment – in both money and the amount of extra space required.  Whether that investment is worth it to you depends on your lifestyle and what you think the sauna will bring to your life.  In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of having a home sauna so you can decide for yourself if installing one in your own home would be worthwhile for you.

Health Benefits

Health benefits are one of the first things people think about when they think of saunas.  You may have heard that the sweat produced by the high temperatures is good for your skin, flushes toxins out of your system and improves your body’s circulation.  The sauna can also be used to relieve sore muscles, clear out your sinuses and increase your metabolism.  Many people also believe that spending time in the sauna reduces stress and find it comparable to certain types of meditation. 


For those who are already well versed in the health benefits of a sauna, they will typically find that having to go to the local swimming pool or gym to use one isn’t very convenient – especially if the sauna urge hits at a time when the pool or gym is closed.  Having a sauna installed in your own home can make your sauna routine a daily event without any extra effort on your part.  You can jump in and out whenever you feel the need without worrying about opening hours, membership fees or transportation options.


Saunas have come a long way since they first became popular in modern day North America.  The traditional home sauna composed of a cedar box with a stack of rocks on top of a heater has been expanded into many different types and sizes.  Infrared saunas have become more popular due to their lower temperatures and resulting comfort.  There are also many kits that can be quickly installed without the need for constructing each and every part on site. 

Property Value

If you’re thinking of selling your house in the future, an installed sauna can add to the value of your property.  Of course, the quality of the sauna you install will play a large role in how much-added value your property receives, but you also have the knowledge that you’ll be able to freely use it until your selling day actually comes.

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