Is a Stationary Bike Low Impact?

If you are looking to obtain an exercise machine that will provide you with fun and engaging workouts, a stationary bike may be an ideal option. This can be especially true for individuals looking to lose weight and tone their body. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to make a decision on which one will provide you with the best workout, while not boring you in the process.

How to Decide

First, if you are struggling to decide what machine is best for you, even after this article, try visiting your local gym. There they will have membership options that can allow you to try out each machine on a short-term membership.

Benefits of Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are packed with benefits that can appeal to every sort of user. No matter if you are a senior, beginner, or even advanced athlete. Stationary bikes are used by people from every category to improve their health. Some of the benefits people have found from using these bikes include:

  • Stationary bikes make it easy to read, listen to music, or watch a movie while you workout. Making this a fun exercise that will always keep you entertained as long as you have a book to read or a new movie to watch.
  • Bikes are highly customizable, allowing you to choose between workout programs, cooling fans, magazine racks, or even water bottle holders.
  • Stationary bikes are excellent for weight loss, allowing the individual the opportunity to get both a strength and cardio workout in.
  • By adjusting the difficulty level you can practice interval training or perform a warm up and cool down. This allows individuals at every level the ability to use the bike while getting the most benefit out of their workout.
  • Stationary bikes provide a low impact exercise that can make exercising especially enjoyable for those who suffer from joint or muscle pain.


There are many individuals who suffer from joint or muscle pain in their ankles, knees, and overall legs who would like to get a good workout in, but due to this pain, it can be incredibly difficult. This pain can be lessened or even eliminated when you exercise on low-impact machines like a stationary bike.

With a stationary bike, your body will be replicating the movement you would be experiencing on a regular bike, just without the wheels essentially. Just like a regular bike, your feet will be pushing in a fluid motion not coming in contact or forcing you to push off the ground. Which is often the movement that can cause stress on these fragile parts of the body. This fluid motion does not allow for your joints to feel the intense impact, giving you the freedom to make your workout a bit more challenging or to go for a bit longer.

If you are looking for a home workout machine that will provide you with tons of exercise options, plenty of entertainment, and be easy on the joints, a stationary bike may be the perfect option for you. Download this month’s promotions to save on our exercise bikes!

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