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Do You Lose Weight in a Sauna?

There’s a lot of false information on the internet about how you can burn tons of calories in a sauna. You’ll find articles saying you can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes by sitting in that steamy room.

However, we bet most of you do the quick mental math and realize that’s just not possible. Afterall, a 150 lb person running at about a 6 MPH pace for 30 minutes burns about 340 calories, and that’s with all your muscles engaged. How could you burn nearly the same amount by just sitting in a sauna?

Let’s dig further into this idea that you can lose weight in a sauna.

Do Saunas Burn Calories?

The idea behind sitting in a sauna to burn calories is that the heat causes your cardiovascular system to elevate above a resting state. Your blood vessels expand and your blood flow increases. These bodily activities burn more calories than if you were sitting at room temperature.

You can generally calculate how many calories you burn in a sauna this way: calories you burn sitting at room temperature specific to your body weight x 1.5 = calories burned in a sauna. Some estimate the multiplier could be 2. By that calculation, let’s take the same 150-pound person and say they burn about 34 calories in half an hour. With the formula above, that person would burn between 51 and 68 calories, a far cry from the 300 we mentioned earlier.

Will Sitting in a Sauna Cause Me to Lose Weight?

If we’re being honest, yes, sitting in a sauna can make you lose weight, but not in the way you might think. When you sit in a sauna, you sweat a lot. Your weight loss will really be attributed to the loss of liquid from your body. If you’re drinking the proper amount of water each day to stay hydrated, you will not notice a difference from sitting in a sauna.

What Should I Do Instead?

To lose weight, you should really be focusing on exercising and eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet. If you feel like you’re in a rut with your weight loss plan, consider consulting with a nutritionist or trainer to help get you over the hurdle.

We should mention that while the sole act of sitting in a sauna will not help you lose weight from fat, it can help your muscles relax after a workout. It can also help individuals who have fatigued muscles or chronic muscle pain.

To wrap up, sitting in a sauna can help relax you mentally and physically but it won’t help with weight loss from fat. After sitting in a sauna, be sure to replenish your body of all the fluids it lost, and get out of the sauna if you feel any dizziness or nausea. Saunas should be used in moderation, and you should consult your doctor before using one.

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