Make Your Elliptical Workout More Intense

The elliptical machine is a favorite piece of fitness equipment for many gym-goers who want a low-impact workout that still burns fat and calories. Ellipticals also have a variety of benefits, from giving you a total body workout to helping you lose weight.

Below, you’ll learn how to make your elliptical workout more intense to maximize its health and fitness benefits.

Use All Your Muscle Groups

Ellipticals offer you an outstanding low-impact workout that minimizes pressure on your joints, so they’re ideal if you suffer from back, hip, or knee pain when you do higher-impact workouts.

When looking for elliptical trainers, make sure to choose one that will let you work both your arms and your legs. You’ll use more muscle groups with this strategy, allowing you to not only burn more calories but to strengthen your back, abs, and core.

Do Interval Workouts

When you want to burn calories during your elliptical workout, the best way to do it is by doing an interval workout. Although interval workouts are more challenging than more moderate workouts, you’ll achieve results more quickly.

For the first five minutes, do a warm-up at mid-level resistance (around 7 or 8) at a moderate pace. Then, for 30 seconds increase your resistance to 10 to 15 and run at a sprint. For one minute, decrease your speed and pedal at your warm-up pace. Then repeat this interval pattern eight times.

Adjust the Incline

Sprinting on the elliptical isn’t the only way to burn calories. Increasing the incline is a great way to maximize the number of calories you burn as it requires you to work harder to stay on pace.

Start by warming up for three to five minutes at an incline level of seven or eight. Increase the incline to 10 to 15 and try to hold a pace of 120 to 130 RPMs for one minute. Reduce the incline to the warm-up level and go at a recovery pace for 1.5 minutes. Repeat this five times.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re a beginner with an elliptical machine, remember that anything you do during your workout will help you challenge yourself and achieve more. By simply increasing the resistance by one to two levels or upping your speed for 30 seconds, you’ll burn more calories and get a better cardiovascular workout. No matter which workout you do, make sure to challenge yourself to do more!

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