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Make the Most of Your Sauna Experience

When using a sauna, you have a variety of options to maximize your comfort, relaxation, and health.

Below, you’ll find out how to create the most beneficial sauna experience possible.

Preparing for Your Sauna

Before you hop in the sauna, prepare the items you need to maximize your enjoyment. This may include a large towel to dry off with, loofah sponges or scrub brushes, scented oils for aromatherapy, and a small towel you can sit on.
After your sauna you might also want a moisturizer and a bathrobe you can wear while you cool down.

During the Sauna

Once you enter the sauna, sit on the upper bench on a small towel to make sure you’re completely comfortable. Next, take several deep breaths while you let the heat wash over you and relax you. If you want to increase the temperature of a steam sauna, throw water on the heater’s stones to release steam. Stay in the sauna until you have achieved a cleansing sweat. If you’re new to the experience, start with five to eight minutes in the sauna while paying attention to your body. If you feel overheated or unwell at any point, it’s fine to leave. As you get used to spending time in the sauna, you can increase the time you spend. This will facilitate your body’s ability to release excess sodium, drugs, and other toxins.

Sauna Time Limits

How long you can stay in a sauna depends on you. Always remember to listen to your body. A few minutes may be ideal at first. You can also choose to cool down and then return to the sauna and stay for an additional five to ten minutes. Typically, 10-20 minutes is plenty of time to receive the health benefits of a sauna.

Another good way to feel great during your sauna is to drink lots of water so you stay hydrated. If you have high blood pressure, make sure to check with your doctor before using a sauna.

It is fine to use the sauna as many days per week as you like. Just make sure to keep your skin moisturized as saunas can cause drying.

Ideal Sauna Temperatures

Sauna temperatures typically range from 120° – 200° degrees and your ideal temperature will depend on your preference and how much experience you have with saunas. Some people prefer to keep the air dry while others like to sprinkle water over the stones to make the sauna more humid. It’s important to remember not to let the air become too dry during your sauna as this can harm your lungs. If the sauna gets too hot, try splashing water on the benches to remove heat from the air.

After Your Sauna

After your sauna, a cold shower can be extremely refreshing and rinse off the sweat from your sauna. After your shower, lying down for a few minutes and drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated and feeling great for the rest of your day.

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