Our business philosophy

Understanding where the value is

The hot tub and swim spa industry is very unique, as it represents the ultimate in luxury purchases. Aside from the obvious health benefits that are achieved with the use of one of our spas, it is not a product for everyone, nor is everyone in a position to make a purchase. And as much as we would like to think everyone “needs” a hot tub, it is certainly down on the list when it comes to a “must have” necessity. This is of course no relation to the aspect of “want” that someone has with our products. Just about everyone wants a swim spa or hot tub, but sometimes customers fail to take the time in understanding about what is important when it comes to the long term ownership of a hot tub or swim spa. Even though this is not an overly large purchase, it is however, a very long term purchase. Most Hydropools in the market are at least 10 years + and still function perfectly.

hydropool-600Old Hydropool Hydropool 600
First built in 1987
We still service this tub today!

HOT TUBS, WHY so long?

We are not totally convinced it is simply just the Hydropool brand, but it is the way that we work with the customers throughout their ownership of the tub. It takes a bit of skill and lots of patience when handling the countless questions that we get; water clarity, service issues, regular maintenance & and even button functionality of the topsides are all important. We believe it takes years of training to be considered a professional in the hot tub industry. We don’t expect every customer to be a professional just because they own a hot tub (as is the case with even some dealers), but as a hot tub gets older and new technology gets introduced, the older products are still working perfectly in the field and a real professional must be able to navigate all current and older units. Someone who has experience with the older equipment is highly valuable in our industry, unfortunately, these people are few and usually require lots of training of new staff on older equipment and designs.

Industry Trends

We don’t think anyone reading this blog is immune to online marketing, and possibly has been exposed (or dare we say) tempted make a large purchase direct online, for example…a hot tub. Yes, you can buy direct online and have one shipped via UPS right to your garage or driveway… Very convenient if we do say so ourselves. We hear this often, and scratch our heads wondering just who these people are to contact when they have some questions. From our experience, we are asked a lot of questions from new hot tub owners. Quite often for the first few days they call us several times, which is okay with us, we want our customers to have everything working perfectly so they are happy. But, to have a random unrelated company drop a hot tub off in someone’s driveway and then see ya later? There is no way they don’t have the same questions we get (likely more). So, do they just wing it? Do they read the directions like they are putting together some Ikea furniture? It is a larger purchase and it takes time for new tub owners to get comfortable with their new purchase. The chemicals alone can be quite overwhelming.

FITNESS INDUSTRY TRENDS!!! Purchasing online?

Convenience of the purchase process. From the comfort of your own home, you can have anything you want in today’s retail market. We are still humans after all, and we tend to trust people whom we can see face to face, especially for larger purchases that involve warranties. For many things that we sell in our store (almost every fitness product we have), we completely understand why some people shop online for these products as there is no real difference for an off the shelf, highly popular piece of fitness equipment, ie BOSU BALL or TRX TRAINER.new fitness It is still nice to have a personal and professional touch in the retail business, this cannot be replaced by the internet or some discount/big box warehouse type store. We truly believe this style of business is not going anywhere, in fact, we feel it is becoming more popular as these hands off type retailers continue to show why there is no substitution for real professionals and good customer relations. We take this same face to face professionalism and care for our fitness customers. Our fitness season many years ago was only busy during the winter months, but in the last few years we have seen a constant trend for year round fitness. This is because the fitness ‘trend’ is no longer just a trend, it is a fully integrated lifestyle, as it should be. We often find customers looking for a quick and easy solution to their health/body condition, but unfortunately, there is no such thing. Fitness and health is not a product you purchase, it is a lifestyle choice. The majority of customers that purchase the big pieces from us are not looking to get in shape, they are looking to take their active lifestyle home with them by supplementing it with some equipment. Keep this in mind when shopping for equipment, both online and in a store.

Our philosophy

Over the last 16 years, our London location has seen its share of changes; a few renovations, lots of new products, etc… But one of the things we have never changed and refuse to change is our drive to achieve the highest level of customer service and professionalism.
There are no excuses. There is a solution to every problem.

Thank you for being our customer and our friends!

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