Should You Use an Elliptical Trainer?

An elliptical machine is an immobile exercise machine. This piece of equipment is used for replicating motions similar to that of climbing stairs, walking or running. Many individuals choose this machine because it is ideal for cardio and encourages a complete body workout. Also, it offers a form of exercise that limits pressure on the joints. Thus, it is a safe workout machine for people suffering from bone or other injuries.

Weight Bearing Exercise Are Good for Your Bones

It has been stated that weight-bearing exercises are beneficial for your bones. These types of activities encourage you to move against gravity, which can prevent loss of bone density and also help to improve overall bone condition. Some forms of weight-bearing exercise consist of walking, hiking, climbing stairs, weight training and others.

Is an elliptical trainer considered a weight bearing exercise? This is a question that many people have regarding this machine. The answer to this, yes, elliptical trainers are weight-bearing, but there are other similar types of equipment that offer more. These include stair climbers, rowers, and walking on a treadmill.

Although other machines are better for their weight-bearing aspect, elliptical trainers are still sufficient. However, maintaining the correct form while using this equipment is critical. While performing on this machine, it is best to keep your breastbone upright and positioned forward. Spread your legs apart sufficiently and stand erect. Avoid curving your back or slouching forward, as this can affect your spine and also how you breathe.

Advantages of Using an Elliptical Trainer

Unlike running alone, an elliptical trainer offers features that are quite beneficial. Elliptical machines generally consist of handle levers and pedals. The handle levers encourage the use of the upper body muscles, and the pedals involve using force from the leg muscles to aid in moving the machine.

Other features that make it great are its calorie burning counter, heart rate monitor, and adjustable resistance. The calorie counter is perfect for helping users to reach their weight loss goals. It demonstrates how hard you are working which in itself can help to foster continued use of the machine. The resistance feature helps to challenge the individual while simulating the feeling of walking uphill or downhill. The heart rate monitor is also beneficial as it indicates your increased heart rate – an action which is useful for improving blood flow to organs in your body. It should be noted that these features can depend on the brand of the elliptical trainer you purchase.

Should You Use an Elliptical Trainer?

It is difficult to state that an elliptical trainer must be used. This is because it depends on the individual and what type of exercise they prefer. Overall though, it is a wonderful machine that delivers an effective cardio workout. If you have an elliptical trainer or access to one, use it if you can. There are many space saving designs available, which are perfect for home use.

When using an elliptical machine, be sure to equip yourself with the correct shoes. Since it offers the same movements as running, climbing, and walking, you need to have proper support. Incorrect shoes can result in sprained ankles, blisters, runner’s knee, shin splints and many other injuries. It is suggested that you wear shoes that are comfortable and offer ample support. Also, ensure that the soles are designed to limit slipping and encourage stability.

Additional Tips

Elliptical trainers are great for people seeking a weight-bearing exercise. If you can, it is encouraged that you use the elliptical machine as a part of your exercise regime. It is a suitable machine for anyone seeking rehabilitation or wanting to improve their physical condition. However, to receive most out of the machine, keep your form and posture in check while using it.

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