Strength Training for Stronger Arms

If you want your arms to be stronger, more toned, and less flabby, there are many strength training exercises you can do that will give you great arms.

Below you’ll learn more about how to get incredible arms with a few simple exercises.

Exercise #1: Bicep Curls

Your biceps are the strongest muscles in your arms, so working them out properly can create noticeably toner arms. Bicep curls are a great place to start. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and bend your elbow to curl the weight toward your chest. Do 12 repetitions. Follow this by doing sets of 12 reps using different hand positions. Do one set with your palms down and a third set with your thumbs to the side.

Exercise #2: Using an Exercise Ball

Sitting on a stability ball will give you several added benefits while you work out your arms, including a great core workout and a better chest workout. Whenever you exercise your arms, you’ll want to make sure you also work the chest muscles to keep your shoulder joint stable.

Lie down on the ball face up with your shoulders on top of it and your hips lifted. Holding light weights, do chest flies where you start with your arms at your sides and your elbows bent upward at a 90 degree angle. Then pull your arms inward until your hands reach the center of your chest with the weight in front of your face.

Exercise #3: Work Your Delts

To shape the shoulder area of your arm, you need to work your deltoid muscles. Lie on an exercise bench face down. Begin with your hands together in front of the bench and raise them up into a wider position. Do 15 reps, holding the last one for 20 seconds. Repeat for three sets.

Exercise #4: Rowing

Using an Olympic bar, or the long bar you use when you do bench presses, stand with the bar in front of you. Bend forward, bending your arms to grab the bar and bring it closer to your body. Then extend it in a rowing motion. Complete 20 repetitions of this rowing motion. Do 3 sets.

Exercise #5: Yoga

Yoga is a terrific way to shape and tone a variety of muscles in your arms. Downward Dog and Side Plank are two great exercises you can use to target many different muscles.

To do a Downward Dog, stand and bend at your waist. Then walk your hands forward until your hips reach a high point. Press your heels down onto your yoga mat while relaxing your shoulders. Hold this pose for 5 seconds.

From here, walk your hands forward until you are in a plank position (the position you’re in at the top of a push-up). Then lift one arm up toward the ceiling while pressing against the edge of your opposite foot, rotating your hips, and stacking your feet atop each other. Hold this for five seconds, return to your original plank position, and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

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