Tips for Improving Your Rowing

Whether you just purchased a rowing machine, are considering investing in one, or are an athlete in training, good form is essential.

Below you’ll learn our top tips for improving your rowing so you can take your workout to the next level.

Tip #1: Consider Your Stroke

While you may have seen people at the gym tugging hard on the handles and using short strokes, a better strategy is to use a longer, slower stroke. Not only will this make your stroke more powerful, but it will improve your technique.

Tip #2: Use Your Legs

While rowing is a great exercise for your upper body, your legs are essential to good rowing. While many people first pull with their arms, you should actually use your legs for your first movement to create power and give you momentum.

Tip #3: Use Your Back

Getting your posture right is a terrific way to improve your rowing. You should not sit completely upright because you want to use your back muscles. On the other hand, if you lean too far backwards or forwards, your stroke will be less powerful. Try to sit up straight and lean back a little to create the most power possible.

Tip #4: Think About Pull Technique

When you pull toward your body, avoid pulling toward your belly or your forehead. Instead, try to complete your stroke just below your pectoral muscles, close to your sternum.

Tip #5: Train Your Core

Having a strong core makes a huge difference in your rowing capabilities. Planks, side planks, Swiss ball rotations, and other core-oriented exercises can help you improve your splits.

Tip #6: Stay Motivated

Having your iPod handy during your workout will keep you motivated and on rhythm. Create a playlist that excites you and you can even tailor it to your rowing goals. For a high-intensity session, use fast tracks. For a longer workout where you need to keep a steady page, choose more relaxing songs.

Tip #7: Strength Train

Strength training will give you more power when you row. Squats, bench presses, and other lower body exercises will help improve your hip and leg power. Bench pulls and dead lifts will make your upper body stronger.

Tip #8: Cross Train

Running, cycling, and other endurance activities will increase your fitness level, give you a mental break, and help you stay motivate when you row. Mix up your routine to improve your results!

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