Untrue Strength Training Myths

If you’re not sure whether strength training is right for you, it may be because you’ve subscribed to one or more strength training myths that have become a deterrent. In reality, strength training is a terrific choice for a range of ages, genders, and body types.

Below you’ll learn the top strength training myths, why they’re untrue, and how strength training can improve your fitness.

Myth #1: I’m Too Old

Whether you are 20 or 70, strength training can be a great way to build muscle, improve mobility, and gain strength. In fact, elderly adults who lifted weights for 10 weeks showed improvements in strength. Weight training has also been known to delay Alzheimer’s disease and prevent dementia. In other words, strength training may be even more beneficial to you if you’re older.

Myth #2: Strength Training Will Make Me Too Bulky

Whether you do another sport that you want to stay slim for or you want to avoid getting larger for other reasons, strength training won’t necessarily make you too bulky. Most people who strength train do not end up looking like weight lifters from bodybuilding magazines!

Strength training improves muscle endurance, which can help you with other sports such as running. In addition, and different types of strength training can lead to different results. Strength training can even make you leaner because when you have more muscle, you burn more fat.

Myth #3: I Should Lose Weight and Get in Shape Before I Start

If you’re overweight, strength training can be a great place to start. It will help you keep the muscle you have while losing fat. You’ll also lose inches and clothing sizes faster than you would by simply doing cardiovascular workouts. Because strength training also increases your metabolism, as long as you eat sensibly and consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight.

Myth #4: Strength Training is Boring

If you’re worried about getting bored during your strength training routine, you should know that many people find strength training just as thrilling as other forms of exercise. Because you can easily see your progress and results, it is an extremely motivating form of fitness. As with other forms of exercise, you can also listen to a book on tape or make a motivating playlist for your workout to keep you going.

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