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Should You Use Your Sauna in the Summer?

Many people think that saunas can’t or shouldn’t be used during the warm summer months, but in reality even in countries like Finland where saunas are common, people have them even at their summer homes.

Below, you’ll learn why using your sauna in summer can be good for your wellbeing.

Acclimating to Heat

Summer’s heat waves can be uncomfortable, but using a sauna can make the summer heat more manageable by helping you acclimate to it. In fact, sports teams have even been known to train in saunas to prepare to compete in hotter climates. If you’re a runner, cyclist, or other outdoor athlete, using a sauna can make hot workouts feel more normal.

Benefits of Summer Use

The benefits of using a sauna don’t stop when summer arrives. They can still help you lose weight, burn calories, improve your heart and respiratory system, and relax your muscles. In the Roman baths, hot rooms were used to help athletes detoxify and recover after exercise even in the hottest weather.

The mental health benefits of sauna use, including stress relief and a sense of wellbeing will also continue throughout the summer months. Many people who stop using their saunas or don’t use them consistently report feeling less well than when they use them more frequently.

Refreshing Summer Uses

If you have a summer home or swimming pool, no matter what the weather is like it can feel great to get out of the icy water and then warm up in the sauna, especially in the evenings. You can also work up a sweat in your sauna and then rejuvenate with a cool water dip.

Summer Post-Sauna Considerations

Since summer gets very hot and you are more likely to perspire, proper hydration is important, especially after sauna use. Drink plenty of water during your time in the sauna and once you get out, lower your body temperature by taking a cold shower.

Now that you’ve learned more about the benefits of using a sauna in summer, hopefully you’ll use yours to keep feeling physically and mentally healthy. If you want to save on other great exercise equipment this summer, download our monthly promotion.

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