What are the Basic Steps of Aerobics?

Most people have probably heard of aerobics, but many of them might not actually know what they are. Aerobics typically refers to a type of exercise that utilizes rhythmic movements, flexibility training, and strength training to improve cardiovascular fitness. Quite often aerobics are performed in a group setting with an instructor and accompanying music, although the music and social aspects of the exercise are not, by any means, necessary. For those attending their first aerobics class, they may be confused by the footwork involved. The basic steps in an aerobics class all have their own names and for those not familiar with those names, there can be a slight learning curve. If you want to know what are the basic steps of aerobics, we’ve created this article to help out.

Aerobics History

The term, aerobics, and the exercises involved were developed by a couple of United States Air Force medical professionals. They were keen to understand why some people who displayed obvious muscular strength were unable to keep up in exercises such as walking, running, swimming, and bicycling. They found that the ability to properly utilize oxygen played a key role in the performance of these activities. In 1968 they published a book entitled, “Aerobics” which spelled out an exercise program to increase cardiovascular fitness. In 1981, “Jane Fonda’s Workout Book” was published which focused on aerobic workouts. It became a bestseller and spawned an audio cassette, a video, and a worldwide aerobics revolution.

The Basic Steps of Aerobics

Below are some of the most often used steps in an aerobics routine. Familiarizing yourself with these steps can make it much easier to walk into an aerobics class and understand what’s going on. Most of these steps can be performed on flat ground or onto a step box that provides a slight elevation to the routine.

Basic Step

The basic step starts with the feet side by side about shoulder distance apart. Lift the right foot and step directly forward (or up and onto the step) followed by the left foot. Bring the right foot back and follow it with the left.

V Step

Begin with the same stance as above and bring the right foot forward (or onto the step) reaching out at an angle as far as possible. Follow with the left foot at the opposite angle so you’ve made a V with your leg motions. Step back with the right and follow with the left.

Step Touch

This is a sideways movement with the right foot taking a step sideways followed by the left foot to meet it. You can keep going in the same direction with the same movements or alternate back to the original position.

Box Step

Also known as the jazz square, this step starts with the right foot stepping in front of the left. The left steps out to its side followed by the right foot stepping back. The left foot then crosses over the right foot. This series of steps can be repeated as many times as necessary.

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