What Home Gym Equipment Do I Need?

Although many people opt for a gym membership, others find these public workout areas intimidating, expensive and inconvenient. For those who don’t really like public gyms, the fact is that setting up your own home gym doesn’t require a lot of money, space or high tech equipment. A few basic types of equipment can provide a wide variety of workouts that will keep one busy and interested for long periods of time. The other bonus is that you don’t need to acquire all these pieces at once. You can start working out with something as simple as a barbell and add to your routine as you slowly acquire other pieces of equipment. This article will give a list of some basic gym equipment that can be used to create your own home gym.

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is a cheap, easy way to start your home gym. It will provide a great cardiovascular workout, take up only a little space and will probably last you a lifetime. Skipping ropes aren’t just for kids. They can play an important role in any home gym.


As mentioned in the introduction, a barbell alone can provide the basis for a number of different exercises. You don’t even need to purchase weight plates at the same time as many barbells are heavy enough to provide a good workout in by themselves. A barbell is preferable to most machines because of the diversity of exercises it can provide as well as the coordination, balance, and stabilization needed to use it. Find one that has a good weight on its own and a diameter that fits well in your hands.

Weight Plates

Once you’ve mastered a variety of exercises using only the barbell, you might want to invest in some weight plates. Your strength will tell you the weight of the plates that will work best for you. Ideally, you’d get a variety of different sizes for different types of exercises. Also, consider the type of floor you have in your workout area. Floors that aren’t made of concrete might not wear too well with iron weight plates being dropped on them repeatedly. Plastic or rubber coated weight plates might be better for less durable flooring.


Dumbbells allow you to isolate muscles in a way that isn’t possible with a barbell. Dumbbells also allow for a large number of exercises that work a wide variety of muscles. Getting a variety of dumbbell sizes will give you access to a full range of workout options.

Plyometric Box

Also known as a plyo box, this simple piece of equipment will increase power, speed, and explosiveness through the use of jumping exercises. You can also do a bunch of non-jumping exercises such as squats and dips.

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