What is the Best Ab Machine for Home Use?

When it comes to signs that someone is taking their workouts seriously, certain physical attributes are often noticed first. Muscular biceps are one of these iconic indicators. The second most-often recognized physical attribute of an athlete? The 6 pack or washboard abdominals. And while strengthening your stomach muscles can be done by performing sit-ups and crunches, many people find these exercises can hurt their back and neck. Hence the invention of ab machines. Ab machines have become extremely popular in recent years which has caused them to proliferate on the market. So, what is the best ab machine for home use? In this article, we’ll go over our two favourite models.

What Is an Ab Machine?

Simply put, an ab machine is a piece of gym equipment that works your abdominal muscles and possibly your obliques as well. Most are constructed to reduce pressure on the back and neck during the workout. Ab machines have become quite popular in commercial gyms, but there is now quite an extensive range available for home use as well.

The Importance of Diet

One thing that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to working towards a six-pack or washboard stomach is that no matter how strong and defined your abdominal muscles become, if they’re hidden by a stomach that has a thick layer of fat, the muscles will never be able to show through. For this reason, it’s imperative to burn the excess fat off your body if you hope to be the proud custodian of the proverbial six-pack.

Our Top Picks for The Best Ab Machine for Home Use

The Ab Coaster PS500

The Ab Coaster came onto the market over a decade ago and it still remains one of the most popular home use ab machines. The PS 500 is the base model of the series and its compact size (50” x 25” x 50”) makes it ideal for smaller spaces while still being strong and durable. It can easily manage body weights of up to 300 pounds and has an all-steel construction with vinyl covered foam padding. The way the Ab Coaster works is that a padded seat glides up and down a curved pair of rails. When the exerciser kneels on the seat, they can grab hold of the handles and pull themselves towards the top of the rails using their abdominal muscles. The seat can swivel to isolate the obliques and extra weights can be added to increase resistance. The smooth motion works the abs from the bottom upwards in contrast to most ab exercises. The fact that the Ab Coaster is still a bestseller today attests to its efficacy.

The Ab Coaster CS1500

The CS1500 is a premium model that follows the same principles as the PS500. It can manage body weights of up to 400 pounds and features heavy duty front and back legs. It’s slightly larger than the PS500 and can handle more additional weight than the base model. For those looking for something closer to a commercial gym ab machine, the CS1500 was built to fit the bill.

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