What is the Best Low Impact Cardio Machine?

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of low impact exercises. Especially if you suffer from bone or joint problems, weight issues or are simply getting up there in age. But just because an exercise is low impact doesn’t mean that it can’t be challenging. There are several exercise machines on the market that will preserve your knees and back while still getting your heart and breathing rates racing. So, what is the best low impact cardio machine? In this article, we’ll line up some of the most popular exercise machines to allow you to choose for yourself.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes have recently renewed their popularity with the introduction of spinning classes. Although the basic concept of the stationary bike remains the same, today’s spinning bikes are optimized to closely replicate the actual experience of being on the road. The smooth pedalling motion removes the possibility of any impact and ensures there are no heavy jolts. For those with back issues, recumbent bikes can be used to relieve much of the pressure on the back.

Stair Machines

Anyone who’s lived at the top of a multi-floor walkup apartment understands the cardiovascular workout that climbing stairs provides. But it isn’t the greatest exercise for those who need a low impact activity. Stair machines virtually eliminate impact while still providing calorie burning training for the lower parts of your body.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are similar to stair machines, but rather than simulating the climbing of stairs, the movements are similar to a combination of jogging and cross-country skiing. Because the back and forth motion is smooth and your feet don’t leave their pedals, there’s no percussive impact on the body at all. Some elliptical trainers have the added bonus of movable handles which allow the workout of the upper body as well.

Rowing Machines

As the name suggests, rowing machines simulate the act of rowing a boat. Both your upper and lower body are fully utilized in the repetitive motion of all the machines in this article, the rowing machine involves the largest number of muscle groups while providing an intense cardio workout.

What Is the Best Low Impact Cardio Machine?

Choosing the best exercise machine depends a lot on your individual circumstances and preferences. If your goal is a full body workout, the rowing machine is definitely the best candidate for the job. It would be followed by an elliptical trainer with moving handlebars. If working out in a group situation appeals to you, you might want to look into the stationary bikes used in spinning classes. These trainer-led group sessions can push you beyond your limits and completely exhaust you in under an hour. For those who are looking to shape their legs and bottom while increasing their heart and breathing rates, stair machines are great for isolating those muscles.

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