What Is Yoga Fitness?

Across the United States, yoga has boomed in popularity. Men and women alike are finding yoga to be a low-impact yet challenging addition to their workout routines.

There are several types of yoga. Restorative and Kripalu yoga are focused more on relaxing and meditation while Bikram and Vinyasa yoga are more focused on powerfully moving through poses to increase your heart rate. It’s these full-body, intense forms of yoga that we’ll focus on today.

Practicing a vigorous form of yoga is sometimes referred to as fitness yoga or yoga for fitness. These types of fitness yoga usually include stretching, strengthening, and traditional yoga poses. If you participate in a yoga fitness program, you’ll notice improvements in your strength and flexibility, as well as improvements in other workouts you might regularly perform like running or weight lifting. Practicing yoga also helps you become more aware of your body and helps you to better understand how it works. You’ll notice improved self-confidence and posture.

Benefits of Yoga Fitness

We’ve briefly touched on some benefits of practicing yoga fitness including increased strength and flexibility.

Your increased strength will create more muscle mass which contributes to a toned appearance and also helps to burn more calories. Even at a resting state, muscle requires more calories than fat.

Your newfound flexibility comes from the elongation of your muscles which make it easier to move in a fluid manner. This will not only improve your yoga workout but will also make doing other activities like weightlifting easier.

Yoga fitness also builds up your core strength which improves your balance and agility. You’ll feel more stable when you perform physical activities and you’ll feel more confident as your posture improves thanks to your core strength.

Yoga also flexes your mental muscles. Not only are you paying attention to how your body moves, but you’re also turning inward and becoming more mindful of your mental state. Many people who practice yoga find that their yoga session is their time to find inner peace and practice mindfulness. It’s a time to regenerate not only physically, but mentally.

How Is This Different Than Traditional Yoga?

Similar to traditional yoga, fitness yoga focuses on the breath, transitioning from movement to another, and being mindful of your body. One key difference between traditional and fitness yoga is the focus on continuous movement and getting your heart rate up with fitness yoga. Your workout and focus will be on getting a full body workout more so than on your environment. Also, while yoga is meant to challenge you (it is a workout, after all), you won’t find instructors trying to get you to do extreme poses that go beyond an optimal range of motion.

Practice Yoga to Get Fit

No, yoga is not just for those who want to “pretend to workout.” It’s a physically demanding and rewarding workout that can be done by anyone. Seasoned athletes and those just looking to get into fitness will find they are pushed by a fitness yoga workout. Remember to download our latest promotions to save on yoga accessories.

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