What Size Dumbbells Should You Start With?

When individuals decide to weight lift, venturing into the world of weights can be intimidating. It can become especially nerve-wracking to witness expert lifters hauling heavy weights with ease. Although this, as well as the many varieties of dumbbell sizes and weights on the market, may appear intimidating, selecting the right size does not have to be so daunting. Here, in this article, you will find tips on the types of dumbbells that are ideal for novice lifters.

What Size Dumbbells for Beginners?

It is difficult to say which size dumbbells are ideal for beginners, as it depends on the person’s size and their strength. It may be tempting to start with a large dumbbell, but this can quickly result in injury. Generally, lifting two to fifteen pounds is ideal for most beginners. Beginning with this weight amount helps to build muscles steadily.

After lifting an amount in this range for over a month, consider increasing it gradually. Doing so limits the strain that can be placed on the muscles and the body for lifting weights outside of your normal range.

Test Your Strength

If you are still uncertain of the weight that is ideal for you, consider testing your muscles. Testing your strength and seeing what your body can manage, is a great start. Bicep curls, which involves maintaining the proper form and curving the weights as you lift them with your arm for a repeated time is perfect for testing your how much you can raise. Performing this step will help you to determine a weight size that is comfortable and ideal for your chosen exercise.

Endurance, Hypertrophy or Strength – What Are You Trying to Build?

Building muscular endurance involves exercising your muscles to improve the amount of work it can perform over a period, whereas hypertrophy pertains to lifting as a means of increasing the size of your muscles. Strength, on the contrary, deals with very intensive workouts with weights that are meant to increase your power.


Overall, depending on your goal, selecting the right dumbbell is critical. For individuals hoping to improve their endurance, starting with light weights, ranging from two to five pounds is essential. This, coupled with 20 repetitions, can increase your ability to perform arduous tasks with ease.

Increasing Muscle Size

To increase the size of your muscles, twelve repetitions performed with dumbbells weighing ten to twenty pounds is required. In performing exercises to increase muscle mass, it is important to be mindful of your position as a lifter. If you are a beginner, lesser reps with a reduced weight amount are essential in reducing strain. Take your time and increase weights as you lift over time.


For increasing your strength perform eighteen repetitions with weights weighing more than ten pounds. However, if you are a beginner, remember to pace yourself and take rests as needed. Putting too much pressure on your muscle while exercising can worsen existing medical conditions or initiate new ones. Overtraining can cause muscles to tear and become damaged. Be patient with your body and its muscles as you exercise.

Dumbbells come in different sizes. They are offered in different variations but depending on your intended goals and workout status choose accordingly. As a beginner, start with lower weights or dumbbells and gradually work your way up the scale.

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