What Weights to Buy for a Home Gym?

For some people, heading to the gym is an important part of their day. For others, the thought of working out in public is absolutely mortifying. But in these days of coronavirus lockdown, you probably don’t even have the option to go to your local gym. So, if you wanted to set up a workout area in your own home, where would be the best place to start? If lifting weights is a large part of your regular workout, you might be wondering what weights to buy for a home gym. In this article we’ll go over some of the most versatile weights to allow you to get in a full workout while at home.


Dumbells are probably the best place to start when creating a home gym. They allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises and challenge a wide range of muscle groups in isolation or as a whole. You can choose between fixed weight or adjustable dumbbells – each has its own set of advantages. Fixed weight dumbbells allow you to switch from weight to weight without any downtime. However, you’ll have to buy a range of sizes large enough to meet your needs. Fixed weights are also more expensive than adjustable sets and take up more space. On the other hand, one set of adjustable dumbbells with an array of weight plates can cover all your weightlifting goals. The main drawback is the time it takes to switch between weights. They are also great if you’re on a budget and/or have very little space for your home gym.


A barbell is a great complementary piece of equipment to a set of dumbbells. Barbells are ideal for compound movements such as deadlifts, squats or lunges. They can also be used to isolate specific muscle groups with exercises such as curls and extensions. Barbells allow you to lift large amounts of weight and see rapid muscle gains. There are many different types of barbells, but if you’re a beginner, a standard barbell is a good place to start. And if you already have a set of adjustable dumbbells, you might be able to use the same weight plates on your barbell – just make sure to get a bar with the same diameter.


Although they’ve been used in the Soviet Union for ages, kettlebells have only recently gained popularity in the West. There are a few distinct characteristics that distinguish kettlebells from dumbbells. This includes the smooth grip and the unbalanced, spherical shape of kettlebells. This allows kettlebells to be easily swung around and used in so-called ballistic exercises. And although kettlebell weights are fixed, they come in much larger increments – usually four to eight kilograms – which means you probably don’t need as many as in a set of fixed dumbbells.

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