Which Treadmill Company is Best?

For those who enjoy walking and running, treadmills can revolutionize your workout. No longer will your exercise plans be derailed by bad weather or poor lighting conditions. Using a treadmill will allow you to get in your workout in the comfort of your own home or down at your favourite gym. If you’re deciding to purchase your own treadmill for home use, you’ll probably want to know which treadmill company is best. In this article we’ll go over some models by the two treadmill companies we believe are top-notch: Life Fitness and TRUE.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness has been producing fitness solutions for more than 45 years. Life Fitness created the first electronic assisted exercise machine by debuting the Lifecycle in the 1960s. Users were able to monitor their heart rate and the amount of calories they were burning along with several other measurements. The company eventually ventured out into rowing machines and the home market. The first Life Fitness treadmill to reach the market occurred in 1991. Since then, Life Fitness has honed and expanded their treadmill series by producing more than a half-million machines in almost 30 years. The launch of the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System has made Life Fitness a commercial gym standby and has allowed them to become a leader in the home treadmill market as well.

The Club Series

Life Fitness’s Club Series treadmills have set the standard for home treadmill machines. The Club Series+ model uses the latest gym technology to provide a home model that’s both durable and comfortable. The Platinum Club Series models include an HD touchscreen console that provides internet access and is compatible with both iOS and Android users. The Platinum Club Series is the closest you’ll get to a professional gym treadmill experience at home.

TRUE Fitness

TRUE Fitness has been in the exercise equipment business since 1981. The company is known for top quality products for both the professional gym and for home use as well as its commitment to customer service. The company has always been on the leading edge of technology and safety when it comes to its fitness machines. The company actually began by first launching a treadmill. It patented its Soft System running platform in 1992 to reduce the amount of impact felt by the treadmill user and has refined this system throughout the years. In 1999 it began expanding its product line to include other types of fitness machines. But the fact that its history is rooted in treadmills means this company is one of the best in the class.

The M Series

The M Series of treadmills offer the highest quality with the least impact on your wallet. Built with commercial standard materials, the M Series is highly durable while taking up little space in the home. The machines can respond to your heart rate with tracking technology.

The Performance Series

The Performance Series of treadmills offer premium technology and engineering so that it feels like you’re using a machine in a professional gym. Connectivity and fitness app usage is built into these machines while allowing for multiple users to keep track of their fitness goals.

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