Which Treadmill Is Best for Running?

Treadmills are a great way to get in a good workout when the weather isn’t cooperating. They also provide a lot of technical information that you can’t easily get from running outdoors. Choosing precise levels of incline, speed and duration are easy with a good treadmill. However, when you’re looking to buy a treadmill for home use, there are several other factors that you’ll need to keep in mind. To help you decide which treadmill is best for running at home, we’ve listed some things to consider as well as some top picks.


Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will narrow down the choices of treadmills considerably. It’s true there’s a treadmill for every budget, so knowing what your budget is will help you hone in on one that meets your needs. Try and get the best treadmill available for your budget to make sure it gets used regularly and lasts for years.

Storage Space

The amount of space you have available for your new treadmill will play a role in the model that you get. Treadmills have the uncanny ability to look much smaller in a display room than they do in your home, so measure carefully. There are folding models for those with little space, but you should also check how easy they are to actually fold up and put away.


There are many technical specifications that you’ll need to assess when deciding on a treadmill.

Belt Size

The size of the belt will depend on your body size and if you plan on using it for walking or running.


The speed of the treadmill that’s best for you will also depend on the type of exercise you plan on doing.


The treadmill’s incline will simulate hills and allow you to vary your workout to mimic running outdoors. Some treadmills also come with a decline function.

Control Panel

The control panel will allow you to measure your workouts and tailor them to your needs. Only you will know what you want to keep track of when using your treadmill, so choose accordingly.

Weight Rating

The maximum weight rating not only tells you if it’s big enough for you, but it will also give you a general idea as to how sturdy it’s been built. You’ll pay more for a higher weight rating, but you’ll likely also have a higher quality machine.

Top Treadmill Picks

TRUE Excell 900

If you have an unlimited budget, this is the granddaddy of treadmills. They can cost more than $10,000, but you get a sturdy, top of the line model that offers some of the highest speeds and incline/decline gradients on the market.

BH Fitness Treadmill Bladez Series – 200T

If you have only a small budget available to you, the 200T runs around $1000 but has all the latest technology powering it. You can easily run on this model and you have a large degree of control over the incline. You’re even able to fold this up and put it away after each use.

BH Treadmill Desk/Work Station LKW500S

Now you can get in a workout while doing your work! This amazing combination of a treadmill and a work station allows you to stay active while getting your job done. Complete with USB ports and extra electrical outlets you can fully wire this machine for business use.

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