Why Are Home Gyms So Expensive?

For those who just don’t feel comfortable setting foot in a public gym, the thought of creating a workout space in one’s home can sound incredibly appealing. We often get asked, “Why are home gyms so expensive?” But the fact is that they don’t have to be. Sure, there are a lot of exercise machines out there that can cost thousands of dollars, but there’s no need to splurge on that specialist piece of gear that might only get used a few times before it gets relegated to the closet or basement. In this article, we’ll go over ways you can put together a home gym that allows you to get in a wide variety of exercises without costing you a fortune in recurring gym membership fees.

Barbell And Weight Plates

Getting yourself a barbell and a set of weight plates is an easy and cheap way to get started at putting together a home gym. This simple set of equipment is incredibly versatile and you can probably pick up a used set for cheap through classified ads or online marketplaces. Once acquired it can be the foundation for an entire lifestyle change. You can use your barbell and weight plates to come up with a routine of basic bodybuilding exercises that have been around ages.

Weight Bench

This is another piece of equipment that you can probably acquire second hand for a very reasonable price. If you’re at all handy with carpentry, you might even consider building yourself one that’s custom made for your size. Having a bench will increase your exercise repertoire and allow you to work on parts of your body that are harder to isolate without the use of a bench.


Once you have a barbell and bench, you should consider looking into getting some dumbbells. This can be as easy as getting a pair of dumbbell bars that are the same thickness as your barbell and using the barbell’s weight plates on your dumbbells as well. You may have to spend some time changing the plates on your dumbbells and barbell, but it’s much cheaper and will save you a lot of space compared to getting a full set of differently weighted dumbbells.


Kettlebells may take up more space and acquiring a full set may require some extra cash, but these handled weights are actually very versatile and will allow you to perform an even greater variety of exercises. You could actually just start with a single pair of kettlebells and add to the collection as your finances allow. Compared with barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells are designed to increase endurance and burn fat with faster repetitions and more of them.

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