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Why Everyone Needs A Swim Spa

If you’re a swimming enthusiast you’ve probably been disappointed a lot over the past year or so. Stay-at-home orders, public building closures and Coronavirus-based guidelines have made it difficult to maintain a regular swimming routine. And while those who used to stay in shape by going to the gym have probably found it easier to tailor their workout needs, those who love swimming have it a bit more difficult. This is why everyone needs a swim spa! If you still need to be convinced, check out this article.

Swim According To YOUR Schedule

When you have a swim spa at home you don’t have to worry whether your schedule will align with the one created by the public swimming pool’s administration. Being able to take a few steps and get in the water is a completely different experience than dealing with the public changing rooms, entry fees and crowds associated with the local community centre or swimming pool. When you have a swim spa at home, you create the schedule.

It’s Always Swim Season

Although it appears to be a little-known fact, swim spas can be used in every type of weather. That means even in the depths of a freezing winter. Swim spas contain a relatively small body of water. This makes it possible to keep it at a temperature that resists freezing without costing you a fortune. Even if you wanted to run a full-sized swimming pool throughout the winter, the size of the tank would render it impossible. If you’d rather not stare at a swimming pool that can’t be used for half the year, consider buying a swim spa instead.

It’s Easier On The Pocketbook

If you compare the costs of a swim spa with that of a full-sized swimming pool, you’ll be quickly convinced that a swim spa is the way to go. Not only will the retail price of the swim spa be less, but the installation costs will also save you a fortune. A swim spa can generally be up and running in a day. A full-sized swimming pool will cost you a minimum of several days of labour before you’re ready to dive in. And with the swim spa’s smaller tank size, you’ll be using much less water and fewer chemicals to keep it running.

A Swim Spa Fit Where A Full-Sized Pool Can’t

Bigger is not always better. Especially when you don’t have space for a full-sized swimming pool. As urban environments become denser and the price of property increases, backyards have become smaller. You may not have the space to fit a 40-foot long swimming pool. However, an 18-foot long swim spa will fit virtually anywhere while still providing a satisfying swimming experience. If space is at a premium, a swim spa will fit the bill.

You Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds

When potential buyers are sizing up an aquatic experience, they often feel like they have to choose between a hot tub and a swimming pool. A swim spa solves that problem by giving you both at the same time. Most swim spas are fitted with a seating area and massaging water jets to provide the hot tub experience. Some swim spas have dual tanks which allow swimming and hot tubbing to occur at the same time. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of one or the other. Choose both.

It’s Fun For The Whole Family

Swim spas can be used by everybody regardless of their swimming skills or abilities. The water current is easily adjustable to allow both the veteran swimmer and the beginner to have a positive swimming experience. A swim spa means the whole family will be able to enjoy having access to the water.

Now you know why everyone should have a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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