Will a Treadmill Help Increase Stamina?

Treadmills are great for keeping up with your fitness regime regardless of the weather outside. In fact, many people who figured they would use a treadmill over the winter months have found out that they prefer the indoor running all year round. Treadmills can allow you to fine-tune your workout with a scientific-like quality. The precise controls that you have over speed, incline and timing allows you to create a regime that targets the results you’re looking for. Will a treadmill help increase stamina? You bet! Read more to find out how.

High-Intensity Interval Training

The key to building endurance and stamina on a treadmill is high-intensity interval training (HIIT.) Basically, what this means is that you run hard for a period of time followed by a period of slower running to allow your muscles to rest. Follow your rest period with another span of high intensity running and repeat. These repetitive intervals allow you to work your muscles harder and get the results you’re looking for in a shorter period of time. HIIT burns calories faster and increases your endurance and speed more efficiently than running at a steady speed throughout your workout.

The Benefit of Treadmill Technology

The fact that you can precisely increase the speed and incline of your treadmill while keeping an eagle eye on the clock makes treadmill technology a great way to force yourself through a HIIT session. If you’re running outdoors it’s always easy to cheat yourself out of running at top speed, taking on that big hill or staying at top speed before the proper amount of time has elapsed. On a treadmill, a simple push of a button will dictate what your legs need to do.

Treadmill Stamina Training

If you’re looking to improve your stamina, a treadmill offers the tools to get this done efficiently. It can train your body to be able to perform at high speeds for longer periods of time. By using the settings of the machine to vary the intensity and lengths of your intervals your body will be pushed to the appropriate limits to increase your stamina. Even 30 minutes a day, every other day can bring up your stamina levels in as little as a month.

HIIT Basics

The specifics of how you do your treadmill training will depend on your personal preferences, but the basics are pretty much the same for any HIIT workout. After a proper warm-up, you’ll want to raise the incline and the pace of your treadmill for a couple of minutes and then bring it back down to a recovery level pace for one minute. After the recovery phase, you should bring things back up to a high-intensity level followed by another recovery phase. In the middle of your workout, the high-intensity phases should be at your top speed and largest incline. It won’t take many repetitions before you’ve done a full 30-minute workout.

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