Will a Treadmill Make My Legs Bigger?

Treadmills are popular exercise machines both in commercial gyms and at home. Because they allow you to walk without having to worry about inclement weather, they’re perfect for those who live in areas that experience brutal winters or constant heavy rainfall. Treadmills are also good for people who have balance issues, need to stay close to home or like to get work done while they walk or run. But some people worry that using a treadmill will make their legs bulky. We often get asked questions like, “Will treadmill make my legs bigger?” The fact is that treadmills will not necessarily bulk up your leg muscles. So, we’ve come up with an article to show why this is.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Walking and jogging are types of cardiovascular exercise. This means that the main muscle that is being worked the most is the heart. Cardiovascular exercises utilize large muscle groups to increase the heart rate and deliver more oxygen throughout the body. It’s found that regular cardiovascular workouts can help burn fat and lose weight, increase the capacity of the lungs, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, provide stress relief and lessen the likelihood of maladies such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Cardiovascular exercise is not normally known for increasing muscle mass.

Muscle Endurance

Using a treadmill will increase the strength of your leg muscles, but it will not cause them to become larger. Walking and jogging will improve your muscle endurance more than it will affect the size of your muscles. This means that your muscles will be able to expand and contract over long periods of time without becoming fatigued. The more you use your treadmill, the stronger your muscles will become and the better they will be able to handle working for long periods of time.

Body Tone

Walking and jogging will also improve the tone of your body – especially your legs. Rather than becoming larger, your legs will become leaner, slimmer and more defined. To actually lose weight it’s recommended that you walk at a moderate intensity for at least 35 minutes every day. If you want to reduce your exercise time but still tone your body, you can increase the speed or incline of your treadmill.

Increasing Leg Size

If your goal is to add bulk to your legs, you’ll need to perform weight bearing exercises. Repetitive exercises with added weights are the key to actually building muscle mass. Exercises that focus on the legs such as presses, lunges, squats, heel raises, step-ups, and deadlifts should be combined with heavyweights and multiple repetitions that lead to the point of exhaustion. While walking on a treadmill can be used in conjunction with bulk increasing exercises, the treadmill itself will not lead to larger leg muscles.

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