Will Dumbbells help Me Lose Weight

The road to weight loss is paved with a calorie deficit where you end up expending more calories than you’re taking in. If you’re asking yourself the question, “Will dumbbells help me lose weight?” the answer can be, “Yes,” if they’re part of an overall exercise and diet program that’s designed to create a calorie deficit. Dumbbell workouts help you develop more muscle which, in turn, increase the number of calories you burn during a workout. In this way, using dumbbells can exponentially help with weight loss. In this article, we’ll cover how to use dumbbells to help with your weight loss goals.

Alternating Workouts

Although dumbbells can play an important role in a weight loss program, to be fully effective they should be combined with aerobic workouts. If you can alternate between the resistance based workout provided by dumbbells with an aerobic workout that increases your heart and breathing rates you’ll be much more likely to lose weight. By employing alternating 30 to 60-minute weight resistance and aerobic workouts six days a week, you’ll be on the right track to seeing a drop in your weight.

The Importance Of Diet

No matter what kind of workouts you’re doing with dumbbells, if you’re eating more calories than you’re burning, you’re never going to lose weight. Your weight training and aerobic workouts need to be coordinated with a calorie conscious diet. If you can create a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day, you’ll be on the road to losing one or two pounds per week. This safe and sustainable weight loss depends on a combination of limiting the intake of calories through the diet while burning calories through exercise.

Dumbbell Exercises

You can use dumbbells to exercise almost every part of your body. The best dumbbell exercises for weight loss combine several different sets of muscles in a single exercise. These compound movements lead to the largest expenditures of calories. Look to choose a weight that allows you to perform 10 to 12 repetitions before exhaustion. Allow yourself a 30-second rest between repetitions and do this three times for each exercise. By performing an hour’s worth of weight resistance exercise three times a week, you could easily burn 1000 calories. Combine this with alternating aerobic exercise days and a modest diet and you will see the pounds start coming off.

Weight Loss Goals

It’s important to set realistic weight loss goals if you want them to be sustainable. Of course, you could lose quite a bit of weight over a short period of time if you starved yourself, but this isn’t sustainable nor is it very safe. You should aim to lose a pound or two of weight each week and keep that up until you achieve your ideal weight. You’ll find it much easier to keep the weight off if you achieve your weight loss slowly and steadily.

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