Will Dumbbells Make My Arms Bigger?

When people think of dumbbells, they typically think of massive biceps. We often get asked, “Will dumbbells make my arms bigger?” And while the easy and quick answer is, “Yes, they will,” how you actually use the dumbbells will dictate what kind of results you get. In this article, we’ll go over the use of dumbbells and how they can be used to increase the size, tone, strength, and endurance of your arms.

Steps to Bigger Arms

If getting bigger arms is why you want to start using dumbbells, then the way you exercise will play a role in how well this works for you.

Workout Frequency

Because muscle tissue rebuilds every two to three days, you’ll want to work out at least two or three times a week to get bigger arms. Going extra hard for one day a week won’t yield the results you’re looking for.

Ideal Weight

If you’re looking for muscle bulk from using dumbbells, you’ll need to choose the appropriate weight to lift. The best weight to use to increase the size of your biceps is about 85 percent of the maximum amount of weight you’re able to lift once. Lift this weight for 8 to 12 repetitions per set and rest for about 30 seconds after each set. Perform three to six sets with each arm.

How to Increase Strength

If you’re looking to increase your arm strength rather than your arm size, you can use the same weight as above, but change up your repetitions and rest times. You’ll only want to do about five or six reps per set followed by a rest time of three to five minutes between each set. This gives your muscles a chance to fully rest and allow for the build-up of greater strength.

Reducing Arm Fat

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of fat on your arms, dumbbells can also be part of this program. That said, you will need to reduce fat from your whole body since fat loss is mainly dependent on genetics rather than working out a specific body part. Lifting dumbbells can help increase your calorie deficit which is key to losing weight. Because muscle cells use more energy than fat cells, increasing your muscle mass will ultimately burn off more fat. Combine dumbbell workouts with a sensible diet to increase your chances of losing weight.

Light Weights for Definition

If you’re not looking to build massive arms and would rather utilize dumbbells to increase muscle definition you should do more repetitions with lighter weights. You’ll end up with defined, yet lean arm muscles without the focus on muscle mass and size. The high number of repetitions will also increase the likelihood of losing weight. The lighter weight being lifted will also decrease the possibility of injury.

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