Will Treadmill Help Lose Cellulite?

Cellulite has a bad reputation. Affecting women more often than men, this condition of the skin is usually located around the buttocks and thigh areas. It causes the skin to have a bumpy appearance with a texture that’s similar to an orange peel It’s thought to affect women more often due to differences in fat distribution in the skin and muscles. Although it’s not a dangerous condition, many people find cellulite unsightly which has created an entire market dedicated to treating the problem. Most of the medical treatments involve separating the bands of fibrous tissue under the skin surface. It has been found that exercise and a proper diet can prevent cellulite formation in the first place. Many of the machines found in commercial or home gyms are also thought to help with the condition. Will treadmill help lose cellulite? What about stair machines or free weights? What even causes cellulite? Let’s explain below.

Fat Deposits

In order to combat cellulite, it’s important to understand what causes it in the first place. It’s thought that growing fat deposits below the skin start to reach for the surface in areas like the thighs and knees to create the dimpled effect known as cellulite. Because the connective tissues in women’s bodies have larger spaces, the fat cells are much more easily able to seep through to the skin’s surface to create the mottled effect.

Hormonal Changes

It’s also thought that hormones play a role in the development of cellulite. Combined with a decrease in estrogen as the aging process carries on, several hormones that are more numerous in women’s bodies add to the production of cellulite.

Decreased Circulation

As we grow older, blood flow throughout the body becomes less robust. This results in lowered oxygen levels and decreased production of collagen. At the same time this reduced circulation causes the skin to become thinner and more sallow allowing it to droop.


It’s been found that those who have diets with higher levels of fats, salt, carbohydrates and low levels of fibre are more likely to exhibit cellulite. It also appears to be more common in cigarette smokers. Although cellulite is more common in older people with higher levels of fat, it can occur in young, slim people as well which suggests there may be a genetic reason for cellulite formation as well.

Treadmills for Cellulite Prevention

Although it may be impossible to guarantee that cellulite won’t form in the first place, keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly can build muscle, reduce the growth of fat cells and make any existing cellulite less noticeable. Training with workout machines such as a treadmill or stair climber focuses on the legs and buttocks where cellulite is most likely to form. Using the treadmill or stair climber increases circulation in the trouble spots while building muscle that can hide the effects of fat cell growth.

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