The Covana Hot Tub Covers Collection

Your Key to Happiness!

What if you could access your hot tub with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice, or other debris? With Covana, you can equip your spa with one of the highest insulation covers on the market and then transform it into one of the most easily accessible … all within a mere 20 seconds and with little effort!

Covana systems are more than just hot tub covers. They are also completely automated gazebos that offer you maximum comfort, safety, and intimacy. Made in Canada using the latest, state-of-the-art materials, our products are designed to endure the most rigorous climates while saving you money on unnecessary water, heating bills, and maintenance products.

Imagine being able to use your hot tub whenever you please without having to clean out debris or wait for the water to warm up to your ideal temperature. With a Covana cover, you can maximize your hot tub enjoyment, knowing that your hot tub is protected against the elements and fully insulated with cutting-edge technology.

Not only does a Covana cover enhance your well-being, but it also adds an essential element of safety and control to your spa. Don’t wait – find the perfect Covana solution for your needs today!