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California Spa and Fitness is committed to providing you with a wide selection of cutting-edge, high-quality fitness equipment. From elliptical trainers and exercise bikes to accessories, rowing machines, treadmills, strength training equipment, and more, we have the full range of exercise equipment you need. Simply click below to see our complete selection of fitness equipment.

The Ease of having In-Home Exercise and Fitness Equipment

As gym membership rates continue to skyrocket, we can see just how essential health and fitness are to the Canadian lifestyle.  But since gyms cost both time and money, more and more people are turning to in-home exercise and fitness options to reap the rewards of a gym membership without having to leave home.  Whether you want to get healthier, shed a few pounds, or boost your energy, investing in just a few pieces of fitness equipment can help you reach your fitness goals while making your fitness routine a lot more convenient.

Quicker, Easier Home Gym Workouts

By stocking your home gym with fitness equipment you love, you’ll have the perfect place to work out and reach your fitness goals.  Even better, you’ll stay on top of your fitness schedule because you won’t have to deal with long lines at the gym or rain putting a damper on your run.  Just put on your favorite workout clothes, pop in your most motivating music, and exercise whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Complete Home Fitness to Reach Your Goals

The benefits of cardio workouts are enormous: not only do they help you build lean muscle while you burn fat and calories, but they improve your heart health. 

When it comes to cardio equipment, the best thing about incorporating it into your home gym is that you don’t have to postpone your workout because of snowy, rainy, or hot weather.  You don’t have to drive to a class.  You can simply put on your running shoes and work up a fat-burning sweat right at home.

In addition to exercise equipment, you can add additional fitness components to your home gym that will help you increase your strength, flexibility, and stamina.  By including strength or resistance training equipment, you’ll boost your muscle-building capacity.  If you want to gently tone your muscles and improve your flexibility, you can simply add a yoga mat and block to your setup and use it every other day.  With a well planned home gym, you can reach all of your fitness goals under your own roof!

Products and Accessories to Maximize Your Fitness Routine

Once your home gym is set up, your next step is to add accessories that can help you take your workout and your health to the next level.  Fitness watches can help you stay motivated by monitoring your heart rate, calories burned, and more.  Products like foam rollers and yoga mats will help you stay flexible and relieve sore muscles.  Finally, vitamins and supplements can help you better recover after a workout so you can work out harder next time. 

With a little help from a good fitness equipment dealer, setting up a home gym is simple.  To find the equipment that best meets your needs, click on the categories below.

Elliptical trainers
A cross between a stair-stepper and a ski machine, elliptical trainers combine smooth, up and down motion with adjustable resistance to give you an exceptional workout.  An added benefit is that elliptical trainers are easy on your joints because the gliding motion allows you to work your muscles and burn fat without a high impact. 

When you want to enhance your workout to include your upper body, choose a model with upper body handgrips and levers.  It’s also important to look for a model with comfortable handlebars and ridged, non-slip pedals.  You should also be aware that some models allow you to automatically adjust the resistance and grade, while others are manual.  Before you make a final decision, use the machine at a variety of speeds and resistances to ensure that it will remain stable throughout your workout and that it’s the right choice for you. 

Exercise bikes
Exercise bikes are outstanding home gym choices because they don’t require special training and are extremely easy to use.  They provide superior cardiovascular workouts and can help you build more toned leg muscles. 

Always choose an exercise bike with a comfortable seat that is easy to adjust.  Models with adjustable seats and toe clips will also enhance your workout.  If you suffer from back problems, a recumbent bicycle with a sturdy and comfortable back is a good choice.  If you like a particular model but the seat is not as comfortable as you would like, you may be able to buy a cushioned seat separately. 

Fitness Accessories
Fitness accessories are one of the best ways to create a versatile workout that keeps you motivated.  To tone your lower body and core, try using a fitness ball.  When you want to work your abdominals or soothe sore muscles after a workout, a foam roller can perform double duty.  Yoga mats can also be useful not only for yoga classes, but during other types of floor exercises.  And finally, if you have back or joint tension that you want to relieve while toning your muscles, consider trying out an inversion table.

Even small investments like ankle weights, pull-up bars, medicine balls, and resistance bands can help you defeat burnout and make sure you keep pushing hard throughout your workout.

Home Gyms
When you want a quality strength training workout you can get at the best commercial gyms, a home gym gives you the exercises you need without the commute. 

With a home gym, you can customize your options so you have access to the exercises you  most want to focus on.  You’ll also enjoy working out in the convenience of your own home without worrying about rules, crowds, or having to work out in front of others.  Home gyms are the absolute best way to build muscle mass at home!

Rowing Machines
When you want to work out your back, arms, and legs all at once, a rowing machine provides you with the total-body workout you’re looking for.  While rowing can take some time to get used to, it is a highly effective workout.  When you want to capture the feeling of rowing in water, choose a pulley model rather than a piston model.  If you have back trouble, it may be best to stay away from them and try out equipment that will be less strenuous on your back. 

Strength Training Equipment
Whether you’re a highly skilled athlete or someone who just wants to gain strength, strength training offers a full range of benefits.  Before you invest in any strength training equipment, consider your goals and which equipment is best for you.  From building muscle mass to losing weight or simply being more physically functional, there are many strength training options available to you. 

Treadmills are irreplaceable pieces of fitness equipment because they allow you to run or walk indoors, even when the weather is at its worst.  The best treadmills have strong motors that will last longer, so when beginning your search this should be a priority.  In addition, make sure the speed and grade are both adjustable so you can choose the perfect pace for your workout.

Next, look for a belt that is both long and wide enough for you to comfortably stride.  In addition, if you have joint issues, some treadmills are equipped with flexible surfaces that won’t jar your joints.  And finally, for safety purposes, make sure to choose a model with a sturdy frame, front side rails, and an emergency stop button so you stay safe.

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