Balance Boards

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Balance is not an easy skill to come by. Even the best of athletes can stumble when attempting to stand on one foot. The ability to achieve a reasonable sense of balance not only improves your athletic abilities, but it can help you reach those rarely used muscles. Improve your balance and you may just end up improving your golf, baseball, bowling, and surfing abilities. Train your body and muscles to become strong enough to take on those challenges with a balance board. The most common type of balance board allows you stand on a piece of wood that rests on a cylinder, causing the board to teeter back and forth. Your objective is to have control over the board, balancing the two sides so they do not touch the ground. This type of exercise has gained popularity recently due to its balance improving techniques and reasonable pricing.

The use of a balance board is designed to not only help with balance but also has been proven to be therapeutic and assist with brain development and focus. Traditionally, it was a favorite of surfers and skiers, but due to is newly discovered benefits this simple piece of equipment has become a favorite of many. They have become so popular that people of all ages can enjoy the benefits of improved balance.

Various Types of Balance Boards

Rocker Board

The rocker board can be made of wood or plastic and is in the shape of a square. The square board is attached to two halved cylinders, allowing you to rock back and forth. Compared to others, this design is easier for some to use.

Balance Disc

The balance disc looks a little bit like a giant gum mento if you will. It is most commonly made of rubber and is inflated with air. While it can be used to improve stability and balance, in the more traditional way, it can also be used for other exercises as well. For example, lunges or Russian twists. Incorporate the balance disc and add a level of difficulty and balance to an otherwise traditional and boring exercise.

Rocker-roller Boards

The rocker-roller board consists of a wooden plank, very similar to the shape of a skateboard. Instead of the board resting on four wheels, it sits upon a single large cylinder. Your objective is to place your feet on each end and balance the board so each side does not touch the ground. This board operates very similarly to a teeter-totter. It is ranked around the middle on the difficulty scale.

Wobble Board

The wobble board functions similar to the rocker board with one big exception. Rather than rolling on a cylinder, the board sits on top of a completely spherical ball. Allowing for 360-degree movement. The board is round, which allows the user more mobility when in use. This is one of the more difficult balance boards due to its freedom of movement. Not only do you have to focus on balancing right and left, but you can easily tip back and forth. Like the balance disc, this board can be used for other exercises like pushups, squats, and sit-ups.

Benefits of Balance Boards

Build Muscle and Improve Athletic Abilities

For many years now the balance board has been used to build muscle and improve athletic abilities. That is exactly what it was designed for and with much practice, you can begin to build muscle and improve skills often overlooked.

Mental Strength

While originally designed to build muscle and improve balance, the board comes with some unexpected mental health benefits. The balance board has been proven to improve focus and concentration. Similar to yoga, the balance board forces your attention to where you are shifting your weight. This improved concentration is sure to help any athlete become more aware of their body and movements.


As shown, there are many types of balance boards for each level of difficulty. Some require more dedication while others can be used just for fun. If you feel your balance is already at peak performance, try incorporating a wobble board while you do push-ups or a balance disc during lunges. Exercises that you once found simple will instantly become pretty difficult.

Consider Which Option is Best for You

Balance boards are useful and versatile pieces of athletic equipment. Investing in one can help tone everything from your arms and abs to buttocks and thighs. What was once loved by snowboarders and surfers is now a common piece of equipment in any gym. Consider the benefits and options before deciding which is best for you.

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