Hand Grips

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Your hands are made up of many muscles which help you pick up, pull and push various objects on a daily basis. With hand grips, you can strengthen these muscles and keep your hands functioning optimally.

California Spa & Fitness has a huge selection of durable hand grips for a wide range of fitness levels.

We sell only top-quality hand grips that are comfortable and built to last. Plus, with our reliable warranties, you can rest assured that your hand grips will last for years to come.

Different Types

There are many different types and styles of hand grips available. Originally made from wood, today they are mostly constructed from durable plastic or steel and use springs which are fitted with two handles. Many models are available with different spring strength settings which allow the user to adjust the difficulty level, making them easier or harder to use.

Hand grips are versatile and can be used almost anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Carry with you and easily use while on public transportation, at the office or even watching television.

The best way to use a them is, to begin with a strength setting that is challenging for you but still allows you to perform several repetitions before your strength gives out. As you develop your grip strength, you can adjust the setting to a more difficult level.

Using hand grips has many well-known benefits and not just for fitness enthusiasts. Individuals that are musicians, work in repetitive motion jobs or even rock climbers can benefit from the muscle improvements that they provide.


With regular use of hand grips, your hand endurance will automatically improve as you are increasing the quantity of force that your hands can apply. When trying to build endurance, don’t just focus on the number of repetitions that you do with the hand grips but also the length of time that you can hold the position. After using hand grips, you will begin to notice that you do not fatigue as easily from doing everyday activities such as carrying heavy grocery bags or suitcases.

Improved Dexterity

Hand grips also help to build up the muscle and strength in your fingers individually. Musicians frequently use hand grips to strengthen their fingers to apply enough pressure to play their instruments properly. For individuals that have careers which involve a heavy amount of daily typing, using hand grips help improve overall finger dexterity.

Better Forearm Muscularity

The muscles that are situated in the body’s forearms are the same ones which control the fingers. Forearm extensors control the opening of your hand and the forearm flexors control the closing of your hand – both which become beneficiaries of using hand grips regularly.

Increased Hand Strength

They can be used to increase the strength of both your fingers and wrists, which is especially beneficial for fitness-minded individuals. Better hand strength will allow you to hold on to weights for longer periods of time, swing rackets with more power and for sports like gymnastics or climbing activities, allow you to support your body weight with your grip.

How to Use Them

Take the hand grips and place between the palm and fingers of one hand, as far towards your fingertips as possible and close the grip using your hand by squeezing the handles as far together as you can. Hold the closed position for five seconds and slowly release. Begin by doing two sets of ten squeezes for each hand and gradually build up to doing four sets.

Another variation that focuses on building finger strength is placing the hand grip against the palm of your hand and placing the tips of your fingers on the spring buttons. Curl your fingers towards your palm, forcing the springs to close and slowly release your grips. You can add difficulty to this exercise by only curling in one finger at a time. Begin with just one set of ten repetitions and then increase your way to three or four sets as you build strength.

There are many different styles and kinds of hand grips available and their strength levels can range from 1.5 to over 300 pounds. When using them it is important to use proper form and not twist your arm or upper body to try and generate additional strength. It is better to be able to only close the gripper for a small number of repetitions than doing more repetitions but not properly executing the movement. Also, remember that your wrists are delicate and it is important to always stretch and warm up before beginning your sets of hand grip exercises.

Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
Offer ends Aug 8th