Jump Ropes

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Jump ropes provide complete portability and maximum effectiveness for a workout tool on the go that is also inexpensive and adaptable to all fitness levels. A great way to get a challenging, heart rate pumping calorie workout, jump ropes can help with weight loss programs and any fitness goals.

California Spa & Fitness has a huge selection of flexible jump ropes designed for a wide range of fitness levels. We sell only top-quality jump ropes that are durable and built to last.

While many users will still want to incorporate other forms of cardio into their workout routines, there are a number of reasons why using a jump rope is a great reason to incorporate into your training regimen.


One of the main benefits of jump ropes is their portability. If you are traveling, have limited space in your gym bag or at home to store equipment, they are a perfect option. Also, for individuals that do not want to spend the money on cardio machines such as ellipticals, rowers, stationary bicycles or treadmills for home use, jump ropes provide an economical solution.

Burns Fat

Typically, jump ropes fall into the cardiovascular exercise category. When used for a long duration, a jump rope session can burn a substantial amount of calories. The type of workout can also easily be modified to include short, high-intensity sessions if you are striving to build muscle over time, which also makes your body more efficient at shedding calories.

Better Athletic Performance

For enhanced athletic performance, make sure to have a jump rope as part of your routine fitness equipment. For anyone that participates or competes in a sport that relies on agility, speed, rhythm, coordination, and footwork will benefit from training with a jump rope. Top athletes around the world have been shown training with jump ropes, including Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, and Floyd Mayweather.

Increase Bone Density

The impact of jumping rope increases your body’s bone density but is not as hard on your joints as many people believe. With jumping rope, the impact is absorbed by both legs making it less strenuous on your joints than running is. Studies have also shown that using a jump rope is one of the best exercises for improving bone density.


Jump ropes are one of the most affordable fitness options available on the market. Simple but effective ropes can be purchased for under $10 and ones with ergonomic handles or additional features are still very inexpensive.

Benefits Your Brain

It is common knowledge that even as little as 20 minutes of exercise can have a positive impact on your brain. Interestingly, activities that have both mental and physical demands like skipping have a higher impact on cognitive function than simple exercises alone such as using a treadmill or recumbent bicycle. Exercise that involves coordination, strategy, and rhythm is the best for your brain. Try to make jumping rope even more challenging by adding a few tricks and your brain will benefit as well.


Today, there are a number of jump ropes which include features such as a ball bearing handles, fast cables, ultra-light bands and counters that will track the number of times you have jumped. For those that enjoy the style aspect of their fitness equipment, there are endless colour options available.

Jump Rope Exercises

There are a number of different ways to use your jump rope and a variety of movements that can be performed. Try changing the way that you use your jump rope on a daily basis to keep your workout routine fresh. Some different skipping exercises to try are:


Use a variation where you cross and uncross your feet each jump that you take to help improve coordination and focus.


Running on the spot while using a jump rope is challenging and an excellent way to improve muscular endurance in your arms. Run on the spot while each skip of the jump rope counts as one step.

Double Jumps

This can be difficult to attempt at first and this technique is commonly used by boxers in their training routines. The goal is to jump high enough so that you can swing the rope underneath your feet twice before they touch the ground.

High Knees

This movement is a great choice as a warm up. It is similar to the running on the spot movement, however, after each step, raise your leg so that your knee meets your chest. The goal is to raise each knee as high as possible to activate your abdominal muscles, hip extensors, and flexors.

Heel to Toe

In this movement, the goal is to jump forward and backward. When in the forward motion, land on your toes and with the backward motion, land on your heels. Be cautious of your landing, it should be soft and not a sudden impact to your foot.

Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
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