Lifting Accessories

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Lifting accessories are exercise equipment used during physical training to enhance the effects of the exercise by providing resistance. California Spa & Fitness carries a wide selection of lifting accessories that will help you meet your fitness goals.

Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that helps in upper body development and strength.

How to bench press:

Set Your Feet

Your feet should provide a strong starting base because this is where you will draw your power from. Push your feet back towards your butt as far as you can while still planting them firmly on the ground.

Position Yourself Under the Bar

Set yourself up far enough under the bar and squeeze your shoulder blades together to stay tight.

Set Your Grip

Hold the bar as far down your arm as possible, take in a deep breath, unrack the bar and let your breath out. Take another deep breath to brace your abdominal wall before setting the bar down.

Benefits of a Bench Press

  • Bench press helps build muscle mass on your upper body. The bench press is on the best mass builders when used with quality routine and bodybuilding diet.
  • Bench press makes you stronger through push exercises because it hits the shoulders, triceps, and chest hard.


Dumbbells are used for weight training as well as full-body fitness. They are often used for joint isolation exercises such as bicep curls and chest flys.

Benefits of Working out with Dumbbells:

  • Dumbbells can provide the type of overload needed for muscle growth. Heavy dumbbells can provide mechanical overload while moderate weight dumbbells can provide metabolic overload.
  • They can increase the force production capacity of the contractile element and elastic component of the muscle tissue

Olympic Tricep Bars

The Olympic tricep bar is rectangular in shape with two parallel handles in the center for gripping.

Olympic Tricep Bar Exercises:

Lying Tricep Extension

When using the Olympic bar to perform this type of exercise, your arms face each to place emphasis on your triceps. Lay down face up on a flat bench holding the bar above your chest with arms fully extended. Lower the bar with an inch of your forehead and repeat the motion.

Overhead Triceps Extension

This exercise is performed from a standing or a sitting position. Hold the handle of the bar above your head with your arms fully extended. With your back straight, bend your elbows and lower the bar forehead. Slowly push the bar back up and repeat the motion.

Front Raises

The Olympic bar puts emphasis on your forearm. Begin by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart and hold the bar in front of your thighs. With your back straight, raise the bar in front of your body up to your chest’s height. Slowly lower the bar back to your thighs and repeat the process.


Barbells help in building strength and lean muscles mass.

How to use Barbells in Training


Place the barbell on your trapezius and posterior part of your shoulders, place one foot in front of the other, and bend your rear knee. Repeat the movement with your legs firmly rooted in that position.

Calf Raise

Put the barbell on the rear part of your shoulders and start lifting up and down with your toes. Keep your back straight, and your knees slightly bent.

Lying Press

Lay down on your back and hold the barbell above your chest with palms facing forward and elbow bent. Push the barbell upward to full range of motion.

Bent Over Rows

Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, and knees slightly bent at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Pull the barbell to the sternum while flexing your elbows.

Benefits of Using Barbells

  • Barbells enable you to exercise one side at a time to allow for equal gain in muscle and joint.
  • Barbells are a form of resistance training. With barbells, you can move more weight than you would with dumbbells because you have your two hands on a fixed object.
  • Barbells help improve your bone density which is ideal for preventing osteoporosis. As a result, your body fat changes into muscle.

Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
Offer ends Jul 25th