Plyobox Set

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Plyometric training has become an extremely popular form of exercise and can be found everywhere from Crossfit boxes, 24-hour fitness centers, and your local YMCA. An attractive form of exercise for fitness enthusiasts, jump training adds depth, variety, and intensity to training routines.

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Why Use Plyobox Sets

Jump training can help you burn more calories while you workout and enhance your joint stability as the tendons and ligaments that surround your knees and ankles become forced to overcome the unstable environment of jumping which increases their overall stability. Jump training also adds muscular strength, endurance and helps tone the lower body. Even just using the plyobox set on its own for a workout provides an excellent cardio, toning and fat loss training session.


Plyobox sets come in a wide range of sizes and heights to support a varying range of fitness levels and training goals. Fixed height boxes are common and usually come in sets of three or four. If space is an issue, you can opt for an adjustable box. For those that are new to jump training and want to protect their shins, there are foam plyobox sets available which are much more forgiving than the wooden or metal versions. There are even soft impact plyobox sets that are stackable with velcro to provide a safe and stable jumping environment.


Plyobox sets offer a different advantage, unlike typical strength training exercises that use slow and steady movements. Jump training is a form of exercise that engages your muscles in maximum capacity for very short durations. These exercises are designed to improve both speed and power and teach your muscles how to quickly move from extension to contraction. Initially used by the Soviet Union in the 1960’s for Olympic training, the world soon took notice of the speed and strength of their track and field athletes and began to embrace jump training.

Stronger Tendons

The tendons in your body support your muscles, making it important to focus on strengthening tendons. When using plyobox sets for training, your tendons get stronger and gain more elasticity within a controlled setting. Plyobox sets are safe to use, have few injury risks and are very stable, which is essential when trying to build stronger tendons as tearing or damaging one is incredibly painful and can require surgery.

Nervous System

Jump training can also help increase the efficiency of your nervous system. When your muscles contract, your brain send a signal to your muscles from your neuromuscular system. The faster that your neuromuscular system can send these signals, the faster your body can contract and extend your muscles, which increases your overall speed and power.

Box Jumps

There are many different types and styles of plyobox sets, so it is important to find one that suits your fitness level and requirements. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to consult with a personal trainer to ensure that you training correctly and not placing unnecessary stress on your joints and tendons.

Stand in front of a plyobox with your feet directly under your hips and place your hands at your side. Lower yourself into a jumping position by bending your hips and knees while keeping a straight back with your head up. Jump onto the box with both feet in one quick motion while swinging your arms back. Land in the center of the box and absorb the impact with your legs. Bring your body to an upright position and return to your place on the floor by either jumping down backward or stepping off one foot at a time.

Risks of Using Plyobox Sets

Falling off a box is likely to happen at some point during jump training. This most commonly occurs from fatigue or lack of focus. There are also certain styles of plyobox sets which are easier to fall from and these are models that resemble a pyramid-like structure with a narrow landing top which can make it difficult to properly execute jumps.

Always make sure to take proper form and that the distance from the box should be wide enough so that there is not a risk of hitting the box during your arm swing motion. Height should also not be the ultimate goal, the execution and quality of the jump should be. Individuals can risk injuring themselves when using plyoboxes that are too high for their ability level. When using a plyobox set, make sure that you are jumping straight up and straight down. If your landings are more than a few inches in either direction of where you started, the box to too high.

Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
Offer ends Jul 25th