Resistance Bands

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Whether you are a beginner or fitness expert, resistance bands allow you to perform challenging strength training exercises without having to use weights. Cost effective and adaptable to all fitness levels, resistance bands offer a full body workout option that is easily stored and portable enough to take along while traveling.

California Spa & Fitness has a huge selection of durable resistance bands designed for a wide range of fitness levels. We sell only top-quality resistance bands that are built to last.

If you are new to using resistance bands, there are a number of benefits. Made from thin, strong rubber with comfortable handles at the end, these bands come in a variety of resistance levels depending on your strength. Resistance bands allow you to perform almost any type of strength training exercise, from rows, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions and chest presses. Best of all, having a set of resistance bands eliminates the need to have expensive heavy weights for your home gym.

Some of the benefits of using resistance bands include:

Cost Effective

Resistance bands are incredibly economical and can be purchased individually and a user can wait until they increase their strength before buying the next resistance level.

Full Body Workout

Resistance bands can work virtually every major muscle group in your body and can be used for a complete full body workout.

Space Saving

Resistance bands take up virtually no space in your apartment or home. Perfect for small living areas, resistance bands can easily be stored in a drawer, under a bed or on a hook.

Travel Companion

There is no better piece of fitness equipment that is a more suitable option for traveling than resistance bands. They can easily be placed in your suitcase or carry on luggage and are perfect to use almost anywhere, whether that be your hotel room or in an outdoor public park.


When lifting weights, it is always recommended to have a workout buddy for safety. Resistance bands are great for those seeking a challenging home workout as they can safely be used on your own.

Diversifying Your Workout

Owning a set of resistance bands is similar to having an adjustable weight machine as you can easily customize your workout. Even if you only have one band, there are different techniques that can be used to increase the difficulty of the workout. For example, when performing a bicep curl, you can hold a wider stance while standing on the band. If you need an easier option for the same bicep curl, standing with just one leg on the band will reduce the tension as you curl your arm.

Injury Recovery

Resistance bands have a long history of being used in sports medicine for the treatment of injuries. Working on isolated muscles, which is a common goal in sports training and injury recovery, cannot always be done using weight machines. With resistance bands, particular muscles can be targeted which is helpful to strengthen underused muscles to prevent future injuries.

When suffering from an injury, resistance bands are an ideal solution to help keep in shape and strengthen while you heal. Resistance bands can be used to isolate muscles to workout without engaging the muscles, tendons, and joints of the area that is injured. Plus, exercising with resistance bands helps boost your body’s blood circulation which is helpful for a speedy recovery.

Simple to Use

Resistance bands are incredibly easy to learn how to use, whether you are looking to create a complete routine from the resistance bands or just incorporate them into an existing workout. Most individuals know already how to do a squat, bicep curl or shoulder press, the only adjustment is learning how to perform the exercise using the resistance band.

More than Muscle Strength

Resistance bands are also very popular with Pilates workout routines and often sold with home DVD kits. The reason being is that resistance bands do more than just strengthen your body, they also improve stamina and overall flexibility. Although the bands are physically light, when it comes to the intensity that they can challenge your body with, they are an excellent choice for a complete workout.

Multiple Options

Resistance bands come in a huge variety of styles and colour. Simple rubber latex bands can be a very inexpensive option. There are a number of bands which are designed with softer material and have ergonomically designed handles for comfort. Other bands have handles which can also be used as foot holders to increase the types of exercises and movement that can be performed and others come with door anchors which make it even easier to get a quality strength training workout on the go.

Remember that the color and style of a resistance band does not affect its ability. All resistance bands provide an effective way to work out, however, depending on personal preference, certain styles or features may be more appealing.

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