Green Strike Mosquito Control Solution

Eliminate up to 30,000 mosquitoes with the Mosquito Solution 3 Layer Defense. This system combines three innovative mosquito prevention products and gives you three lines of mosquito control options to keep you free from flying insects.

The Mosquito Preventer can reduce the mosquito population by up to 70% in only 21 days. The Mobster eliminates any flying insects in a 1000 sq foot radius, and the LED zapping bulb is the last line of defense, with a bug zapper, and an energy efficient light source.

Mosquito Preventer

The mosquito preventer attracts mosquitoes and encourages them to lay their eggs in its Zero-Hatch technology trap. The mosquito control solution dries the eggs out, so they can’t hatch. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals, or pesticides, keeping you and your family safe, and protected.

Mosquito Mobster

The Mosquito Mobster doesn’t need chemicals, sprays or insecticides to kill off any flying insects within 1,000 sq foot of your home. It has a 5-shot system to attract mosquitoes using UV light, heat, infrared light, ultrasonic sound, and a powerful fan to draw them down into the retaining cage. It’s incredibly powerful but whisper quiet.

LED Zapping Bulb

Upgrade any outdoor light to an energy-efficient bulb that helps with mosquito control. The 9 watts, electrically charged, UV light zaps bugs and is perfect for porches, garages or gazebos. Available in 3 settings, you can choose to turn the zapper on during the day, night or both. Will fit into any standard light socket and prevents mosquitos and other annoying bugs from entering your home.